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An informed electorate and engaged citizenry are key to maintaining the integrity of our great Republic. 

At Elliance Digital Media, we seek to disrupt the controlled narrative that the mainstream media tightly controls – and provide readers with real news, real insights, and real means to act. We do this by seeking out real insightful coverage and partnering with knowledgeable and experienced people and organizations that help us bring

Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government; when this support is taken away, the constitution of a free society is dissolved, and tyranny is erected on its ruins.

—Benjamin Franklin, April 8, 1736

Informed and politically active Americans are central to keeping our Republic – and we provide the information and insights our readers demand.

More than ever before, bias, corruption and censorship have eroded Americans’ trust in politicians, media, and in the conversations they can see or participate in on social media. Americans need facts, and they need insight – otherwise, they cannot make the rational choices required to uphold the ideals we hold dear. We circumvent the bias and corruption that has invaded the media – by communicating directly with Americans.

We fight against fake news to ensure that our readers have a chance to see the news that matters — news that impacts their lives directly.

We also ensure that Americans who care about specific issues can receive offers, news, information, and calls to action on the topics they care most about.

We partner with brands and content producers that have a solid track record for meaningful and insightful reportage. Our role is to provide information, as well as the means and access to act on that information.

David M. Keene, CEO

David Keene serves as the CEO of Elliance Digital Media, owner/operator of American Liberty News.

From the start of his career, David has worked in politics – promoting ideals that made the American system of government fundamentally different from all those that preceded it.

Starting his political career in communications for a national political non-profit, he eventually moved into promoting advocacy through fundraising for non-profits and candidates with Richard Viguerie’s American Target Advertising. After almost a decade at ATA, he moved on to become CEO of American Media Source, a media/publishing firm specializing in political news.

When he’s not spending time with his beloved family, David enjoys riding his motorcycle on the open road, woodworking, welding, or spending time at his cabin in the mountains of West Virginia.

Jeff Isaak, Content Director

Jeff Isaak grew up with a ringside seat to the Iowa caucuses and always looked forward to these contests. He knew from an early age that his involvement in our democracy would go beyond voting for candidates and causes he supports.

Since earning a BA in political science, Jeff has lobbied members of Congress on important legislation, helped manage campaigns for political candidates and served as a communications strategist for multiple media brands and content partners.

While he loves hiking and scuba diving, his greatest joy comes from enjoying downtime with his wife, Shara.