Romney Supports Raising Purchase Age for Assault Weapons

Romney Supports Raising Purchase Age for Assault Weapons

Sen. has broken with the majority of his fellow Republicans on the GOP’s topic du jour.

In an email to CNN, the Utah Republican said he supports raising the minimum age for buying semi-automatic assault weapons from 18 to 21. (RELATED: Manchin Supports Raising Age Limit on Guns, Open to Assault Weapons Ban)

The announcement is a noticeable departure from Romney’s previous stance.


As Mediaite reports:

As the United States continues to discuss gun reform in response to the nation’s recent series of mass shootings, one of the most recurring proposals has been whether to raise the age limit for when people are legally allowed to own AR-15s and similar weapons.

CNN’s Ana Cabrera was discussing the Democratic push for gun safety with Manu Raju when she reported that the network received an email from Romney’s office, and “he’s in favor of shifting the age to buy assault style weapons from 18 to 21.”

The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed a sweeping bill that would raise the minimum age for purchasing assault-style weapons, although it faces long odds in the Senate.

The would also ban the sale of large-capacity magazines and introduce new at-home gun storage requirements. (RELATED: These Republicans Surrendered on Gun Rights Last Night)

CNBC adds:

The House earlier voted by a 228 to 199 margin to include the purchasing age provision — under heavy scrutiny after two recent massacres carried out by 18-year-olds — in the broader bill.

The package is a collection of several pieces of legislation designed to limit access to guns and other firearm equipment in the wake of last month’s mass shootings in Buffalo, New York, and Uvalde, Texas, that left 31 Americans dead.

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