16 States Where Kids Breathe Freely!

16 States Where Kids Breathe Freely!

No masks, masks optional—you get to choose. Video, pics and more from these strange outliers from a time gone by.

Our friend @mandylorianM composed an excellent thread which we wanted to reproduce in these pages. If you’re like me—you’re stuck in a blue state or metro area where the kids are masked and the dystopia is palpable. Believe it or not there are PLENTY of states and schools who are just going about life like it’s 2019! Some school districts are clear and free and some are mask optional. Imagine that! They give the students and parents a choice!

Mandy starts out her tweet:

“I’ve heard from two adults this week that kids will need to be masked for years. I think it’s important to know that Illinois has far more restrictions than the majority of states and that many, many kids have been unmasked all year (if not longer).”

#1 Georgia:

#2 Tennessee:

#3 Alabama:

#4 Arizona:

#5 Arkansas:

#6 Colorado:

#7 Florida:

#8 Idaho:

#9 Indiana:

#10 Kansas:

#11 Kentucky:

#12 Louisiana:

#13 Mississippi:

#14 Montana:

#15 North Dakota:

#16 South Carolina:

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