5 Reasons Why 2021 Was CNN’s Worst Year Yet

5 Reasons Why 2021 Was CNN’s Worst Year Yet

The past 12 months have hit like a throbbing migraine. 

And it’s still unclear if the liberal network has hit rock bottom. We know that among its stars’ gaffes and scandals, a handful has stood out for their perversion.

Without further ado, here are seven reasons why Jeff Zucker can’t wait for 2022.

Chris Cuomo’s Failed Plot to Destroy Fox’s Janice Dean

CNN’s only star dramatically fell from grace at the beginning of December. An inquiry by the network shed new light on his full-court press on behalf of his allegedly pervy brother and revealed the musclehead faced accusations of sexual harassment.

I guess it runs in the family.

Cuomo’s attacks on his older brother’s critics didn’t end with his accusers. He plotted with his brother’s office to paint co-host and meteorologist Janice Dean as a “far-right crazy.” Dean’s crime? Blaming then-Gov. ’s COVID policies for her in-laws’ deaths.

Texts disclosed by New York Attorney General Letitia James revealed that the younger Cuomo called Dean the “Fox weather b***h.”

Watch Dean’s reaction:

Public Masturbator and All-Around Bad Human Given ANOTHER Chance

You would think CNN’s chief legal analyst would be better behaved. Or at least better at covering up his sins.

Exposing himself on a Zoom call and engaging in self-pleasure in front of his colleagues wasn’t enough to get canned, even though The New Yorker (a publication he also worked for) promptly fired him.

The “Zoom masturbation incident” (as it’s charmingly referred to on Wikipedia) wasn’t the first time skeletons in Toobin’s closet spilled out). He previously tried and failed to pressure his longtime mistress to get an abortion in 2009. Toobin initially refused to recognize the child as his own before a court-ordered DNA test confirmed his paternity. A family court judge swiftly ordered him to pay child support.

After his time off came to an end, a sheepish Toobin had to endure an interview with CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota where claimed the experience had made him a better person.


Child Sex Trafficking Charges

Authorities arrested John Griffin, 44, a veteran CNN producer who worked alongside Chris Cuomo for five years this month. Griffin allegedly attempted to lure parents into bringing their underage daughters to his Vermont cabin for sex acts.

Griffin allegedly bragged about bringing girls as young as seven to his cabin for “sexual subservience” training.

According to court documents, Griffin later tried to pay off witnesses. He faces the possibility of life in prison.

Dustin Hice’s Lawsuit

Dustin Hice previously accused CNN anchor Don Lemon of sexual assault while working as a bartender in the Hamptons.

In an interview with Fox News following Chris Cuomo’s firing, Hice expressed appreciation that the network held its biggest star accountable — however, he opined that its executives hadn’t done enough to change its abusive culture. Hice went so far as to call CNN “a network rife with predators and perverts.”

Others have taken notice, too:

CNN continues to stand by Lemon. Observers expect Hice’s suit against the CNN host to go to court next year.

Watch Hice’s recent interview with Megyn Kelly:

A Former Anchor Vents

Public spats never reflect well on a company. Such was the case when former anchor Brooke Baldwin repeatedly vented about the reportedly lack of opportunity for women at the network following her departure in April.

Indeed, the network’s biggest stars and key decision-makers are men.

Watch Baldwin’s most recent plea for inclusivity:

A Ratings Catastrophe

CNN’s on-air talent didn’t hide their opinions about the former president, but there’s no denying that Donald Trump was good for business.

The left-leaning network is in a ratings free fall now that Biden is in office. According to Nielsen, CNN’s top-rated program for 2021 was “Cuomo Prime Time,” which still came in at a dismal 25th place among cable news shows. By contrast, Fox News has enjoyed 44 weeks this year where it’s been the most-watched cable network.

So, what do you think? What was the biggest catastrophe for CNN this year? Tell us in the comments below and while you’re at it, help spread the word on social media!

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