As the ‘War on Cops’ Continues!

As the ‘War on Cops’ Continues!

Death holds the reins of discontent for Joseph Biden. Death consumes the streets of every major U.S. city, from the ambush of cops to the killing of innocents by gangs, while the blood of 13 American heroes still stains the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan. In addition to those we left behind and while Afghanistan festers, our president makes ready to spill more patriot blood in the Ukraine.

However, at home the “War on Cops” rages. It started under the Obama presidency and was one of the reasons that the National Center for Police Defense was organized. Police officers were being lured into ambushes more and more each day, while facing the new society of progressive district attorneys, police chiefs and political leaders who would rather prosecute good cops for doing their job rather than put criminals behind bars. 

Biden, a self-proclaimed moderate, had moved further and further left while serving as vice president under Obama. As President Joseph Biden, he has totally changed from moderate to liberal and some would call his new philosophical stand socialism. He has forsaken law enforcement, forsaken the people who so gallantly voted for a man who promised to mend fences and bring the country together. Instead, of getting the man who promoted the Clinton anti- legislation of the 1990s they got the man who closed his eyes while every major city in the U.S. faced destruction at the hands of BLM and Antifa.

Jason Rivera and Wilbert Mora are the NYPD police officers who were killed in an ambush attack while responding to a family disturbance call in Harlem. These heroes were killed by a felon, out on probation, Lashawn McNeil. The murder of these police officers lies on the shoulders of the New York City Council, New York’s governor, the mayor of New York City and every politician who has a soft on crime, coddle the criminal woke attitude. The murder of these two heroes, who were just laid to rest, follows that of two other heroes last month who were trying to protect and serve the public and the 515 officers who were killed in the line of duty in 2021.

Politicians once again turn their attention toward more gun control, rather than crime control. Until progressive woke leftist-sponsored district attorneys, attorneys general and liberal soft-on-crime politicians are unelected, and judges stop slapping criminals on the hands rather than slamming them behind bars, more cops will die trying to save the innocent in 2022.

New gun control laws will only serve to disarm the good and allow the bad to continue to do bad things, knowing the good cannot defend themselves. Help “The League” for law enforcement and defense fix the broken windows in New York and other major cities around the country now, because tomorrow broken windows will be broken homes, destroyed communities and more dead bodies!

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