Baby Moon’s Father Shares Heartbreaking Abortion Story

Baby Moon’s Father Shares Heartbreaking Abortion Story

The debate surrounding in the United States revolves around women and their bodily autonomy. It doesn’t have a place for male voices.

Shane Cory is one of those voices. 

On December 3, Shane became one of 600,000+ American men this year who’ll never have the opportunity to raise a child after their partner decided to have an abortion.

Shane’s 20-week-old son, Moon Thompson Cory, died from catastrophic injuries deliberately inflicted in a Dilation and Evacuation abortion.

He didn’t even learn of his son’s death until 11 days later.

Shane’s story doesn’t get any easier—and he understands if you can’t continue. If you do read on, he prays that you will join him in fulfilling his promise to his son:

Now, so you can comprehend the depths of my grief, let me tell you who I am.

Beyond anything else in this world, I am a father. I have five children. Two college graduates and a hard-working compassionate recent high school grad. I also have two little ones, Piper Liberty and Ronan Justice that I raise as a single father.

Moon was Shane’s sixth child. His mother is Shannon Thompson, “a beautiful, intelligent and caring person who always wanted to be a mother.”

When she came into my home, she cared for Piper and Ronan as her own and was passionate to do so . . . but she always wanted a child who was “just hers.”

In September, the couple found out that they were expecting. 

All of a sudden, Shane admitted feeling fear. Recounting his anxiety, he described questioning whether or not he’d have the energy to care for a newborn at 47. But Marines are trained to adapt and overcome any obstacle. And the joy Shane felt was palpable.

While Shane worked on his physical and mental fitness, Shannon prepared another way. She inched closer and closer to her decidedly left-wing family. 

Shane describes how Shannon’s family had a history of holding her hostage emotionally.

On the morning of Nov. 10, Shane and Shannon argued. He wouldn’t see her for 38 days—when they visited their son’s grave together.

Continue reading Shane’s story here.

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