Biden Bizarrely Denies His Numerous Recent Embarrassing Gaffes

Biden Bizarrely Denies His Numerous Recent Embarrassing Gaffes

While in Poland this weekend, President made several significant and very public verbal gaffes, all of which required the White House to issue corrections or denials, yet when pressed by a reporter, Biden denied they ever occurred.

Among these reckless comments, Biden appeared to tell American soldiers of the 82nd Airborne Division in Poland that they were going to “You’re going to see when you’re there… you’re going to see women, young people, standing in the middle, in front of a damn tank,” he said.

The White House then denied this was the case.

Then, Biden appeared to say the U.S. and NATO were prepared to use chemical weapons in Ukraine if first used them, when he said we would respond to their use “in kind.” Biden’s national security advisor had to deny this meant the U.S. was going to use chemical weapons. (RELATED: As Russian Nuke War Risk Rises – Concern Over Putin’s ‘Dead Hand’ Doomsday Device)

Finally, Biden appeared to call for regime change in Russia when he ended a major speech saying of Russian leader Vladimir Putin: “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.”

These words created a global uproar with many worrying Biden’s words played right into Putin’s stated fears of the West wanting to overthrow him. (RELATED: Words Matter, Especially When Dealing With Tyrants)

The White House quickly walked this statement back, saying that was not the official stance of the U.S. government.

So, it was indeed strange that while taking questions at the White House, Biden denied they ever happened. Watch the bizarre exchange below.

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Biden whether his repeated misstatements were sowing doubt among U.S. allies, referring to Biden’s declaration last year that “America is back.”

Biden’s reply showed that he was apparently unaware that his many statements had all been walked back by the White House, even asking what ‘walked back’ meant.

“Are you worried that other leaders in the world are going to start to doubt that America is back if some of these big things that you say on the world stage keep getting walked back?” Doocy asked.

“What’s getting walked back?” the president asked.

When Doocy reminded Biden of what he said and about the White House’s corrections, Biden declared, “None of the three occurred.”

Biden then claimed he had been misinterpreted and his comments were taken out of context. Instead of telling U.S. troops they were headed to Ukraine, Biden claimed he was speaking to Ukrainian soldiers in Poland.

Biden then said a Russian chemical attack in Ukraine would “trigger a significant response,” but laughed off Doocy’s push for specific clarification.

“I’m not going to tell you. Why would I tell you? You’ve got to be silly,” Biden told Doocy. (RELATED: Was Trump ‘Right About Everything’? Maybe Not – But He Was Mostly Right on Russia)

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