Biden Warns Parents: Keep Kids Away From Unvaccinated

Biden Warns Parents: Keep Kids Away From Unvaccinated

President Biden had an uncompromising message for America’s parents. Shield your children from the unvaccinated masses.


Biden’s controversial warning comes despite the risk to children being infinitesimally low. Indeed, our friend Justin Hart wrote about it at length late last year:

We give SO MUCH ENERGY to the concerns over children and COVID-19 but we need to come back to this reality: the risk to kids is very, very low. How low? Only 22 states have even reported COVID-19 deaths among children ages 0 to 17. Note that certain states have reported fewer than ten deaths for children, and those are suppressed at the national level for privacy and even statistical reasons.

Is yours on there?

As Dr. Walensky notes: “children aren’t supposed to die.” That’s true, but over this same time period, about 62,000 children HAVE died of other causes because Dr. Walensky has yet to figure out how to prevent death.

COVID-19 deaths account for less than 1% of all pediatric deaths.


For the entire pandemic, the risk of dying of COVID-19 for our kids is 1 in 1.8 million. How does that stack up? Well, feel free to use this infographic:

Should we keep American children away from areas prone to severe weather? How about closing off Florida, America’s lightning capital? What about drowning? According to The New England Journal of Medicine, that is the leading cause of death among children ages one to four. Statistically speaking, it makes far more sense to prohibit swimming pools in homes with toddlers. Yet the government doesn’t do that for obvious reasons.

The pandemic is real. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have died — but political theater and COVID prevention virtue signaling are doing far more harm than good. Moreover, even the most partisan liberals are guilty of hypocrisy regarding what they say versus how they live their lives. (RELATED: How the Pandemic Made Social Anxiety Worse)

Unfortunately, some things never change.

The Public Schools system, the third largest school district in the United States, canceled classes today. The teachers union voted overwhelmingly to return to remote learning. Union leadership went so far as to encourage teachers to not show up for work, despite the pleas from local Democrats who correctly argue that remote learning has a devastating impact on childhood development.

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Coronavirus virtue signalers from the president on down are driving our country to a place where the consequences of COVID-19 restrictions will be with us for decades. 

Hot Air has more on the unfolding disaster within Chicago’s public schools:

The union vote was taken literally in the dead of night, with the announcement coming at 11 o’clock pm and the schools having no chance to prepare for the sudden change. While they claim to have voted to go back to distance learning, no devices were issued to students to allow them to log in and participate. Parents were given virtually no time to make alternate arrangements for child care, so there will be a ripple effect on the entire city as many people find themselves unable to go to work.

The demands being made by union leadership are off the charts. The vaccination rate among staff at the schools is over 90% and the city has purchased and distributed 200,000 KN95 masks for the teachers. New air filtration systems have been installed in all of the schools. The classrooms are arguably “safer” from what little danger the Omicron variant poses than most people’s homes or places of business. And yet the teachers are refusing to go to work.

Now the situation lands back in the lap of City Hall and the City Council. They have already deemed this action to be an unauthorized work stoppage. And Mayor Lori Lightfoot has already warned that any teachers not showing up to do their jobs will have their pay suspended.

Unfortunately for the city and all of the students’ families, we are once again seeing the dangers of the unbridled power of the teachers’ unions. If they simply refuse to go to work, there aren’t enough substitutes and non-union educators available to cover even a tiny fraction of the classrooms. The unions know this and apparently have no fear of retribution for their refusal to do their jobs. And if the district cuts off their pay, they will simply go to court and likely find a way to prevail.

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How concerned are you about our children’s future? Does it make you more motivated to vote in the midterms? Share your thoughts with us below!

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