Blue Panic as Biden Approval Numbers Crater in Key State

Blue Panic as Biden Approval Numbers Crater in Key State

For Thanksgiving, the president and first lady visited Fort Bragg, . But the display of affection they attempted to share with North Carolinians hasn’t been reciprocated.

At least not according to the latest poll:

President Biden’s numbers in the Tar Heel State are in the gutter. According to a recent High Point University poll, Biden’s approval rating is at a lowly 35 percent. Making matters worse, 61% of North Carolinians think the country is on the wrong track. The discontent is fueled by Biden and the Democrat Congress’ radical liberal agenda that has caused historic inflation, an employment and supply chain crisis, and a foreign policy in tatters.

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Even amid the sad reality around them, State Senator Jeff Jackson and former NC Supreme Court Justice Cheri Beasley are standing by their man. Just months ago, both had glowing things to say about :

Beasley on Biden’s handling of the economy: “President [Biden] who has come forth … has worked really hard to save the economy.”

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Jackson on Biden’s immigration proposals: “I think this administration has led wisely on this issue.”

We’ll see if their support for Joe Biden and his policy failures continues or whether Beasley and Jackson start to try to weasel out of their previous positions.

Statement from NRSC Spokesman T.W. Arrighi: “Joe Biden and Democrats are in deep, deep trouble in North Carolina and the numbers prove it. As they stand by a reckless liberal agenda that is hurting hardworking North Carolinians, Jeff Jackson and Cheri Beasley are doing more to hurt their party and their future electoral chances than help.”

Does Joe Biden have a shot at winning North Carolina in 2024? Tell us your predictions for the next presidential election and, while you’re at it, share who’d you like to have run against the presumptive Democratic nominee!

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