C’Mon Man!: Biden Approval Rating Continues Downward Spiral

C’Mon Man!: Biden Approval Rating Continues Downward Spiral

’s approval rating continues to plummet as voters sour on his radical agenda. Biden’s approval rating in FiveThirtyEight’s average of polls reached a new low this morning. 50.6% of voters disapprove of Biden while only 43.5% approve. That’s a 17.1% negative swing in three months.

Joe Biden worked hard to get his approval rating this low. He created a border crisis and continues to ignore it. Americans are still stranded in Afghanistan after Biden’s botched withdrawal. Americans are paying more for gas and other important everyday consumer products. And the list goes on.

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For some reason, Senate Democrats are still 100% on board with Biden’s unpopular agenda. Even as they privately admit they’re in trouble. (RELATED: Senate Dem Ties Her 2022 Race to Biden – And Sinks Like a Rock)

Senators like Mark Kelly, Maggie Hassan, Raphael Warnock, Catherine Cortez Masto and Michael Bennet are putting politics before people. They know Biden’s radical agenda and failed leadership are deeply unpopular. Yet they still vote the way Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden tell them to. (RELATED: Biden Administration Admits Inflation Will Only Get Worse, Blames Americans for Spending)

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