Comedian Systematically Destroys Liberal Narrative About Rittenhouse Shooting

Comedian Systematically Destroys Liberal Narrative About Rittenhouse Shooting

Comedian didn’t mince words when talking about the news media and Hollywood’s take on the trial and subsequent Waukesha massacre, where Darrell Brooks Jr. allegedly murdered six people with his car. 

His rant against “the f**king news propaganda” was one for the history books.

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Despite evidence showing that Rittenhouse acted in self-defense and a jury of his peers acquitting him on all charges, many media personalities and celebrities continue to treat the teenager like a monster.

The Daily Caller reports:

Meanwhile, Brooks is accused of murdering six people and injuring dozens more after allegedly driving his vehicle through a parade in Waukesha, . Despite the gravity of the situation, the media and celebrities don’t seem interested in talking about it, and that doesn’t make Schulz very happy.

Schulz said the following in part during his exchange with Charlamagne:

The f**king news propaganda that we digest all the time to sell clicks and it’s easy for Hollywood celebrities to look woke and supportive by tweeting about it. This is why [the Rittenhouse trial] is a news story. The same why it’s not a news story when that dude ran over a bunch of people in Waukesha. Nobody f**king talking about that. The dude literally just targeted people, hit them with a f**king car and people were already, like, finding ways to make it seem like it wasn’t his fault. It’s not even a news story. None of these f**king Hollywood celebrities are tweeting about it. Every Hollywood celebrity and their mother had tweet about Kyle Rittenhouse, right, because it was the right thing to say and it gives you tons of woke points and clout points, and all these motherf**king news stories can run the article, ‘White kid goes to Black Lives Matter march with an AR-15.’ It’s perfect for clicks. It gets everyone stirred up. Then, you got a situation where a dude killed six people. More people dead. More total people dead. All his fault. Terroristic attack. If that dude was Muslim, we’d call it a terror attack. You know that…I’m just tired of these Hollywood motherf**kers and I’m tired of news agencies acting like they want f**king justice, when all you want is ad revenue and and all you want is f**king clout. So, shut your mouth.

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Meanwhile, “woke” celebrities continue to reveal their warped priorities:


It’s very cut and dry, but the media and Hollywood celebrities didn’t care. They just wanted the attention and woke points, which is what Schulz pointed out.

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