Congress’ Crucial Ukraine Aid Package and Baby Formula Solution?

Congress’ Crucial Ukraine Aid Package and Baby Formula Solution?

McConnell in Ukraine

Senate Republican leader led a delegation of Senate Republicans to Ukraine last week where the group met with President Zelensky. The senators who took part in the trip were of Maine, of Texas and John Barrasso of Wyoming.

McConnell’s office tweeted the following official statement at the conclusion of the trip.

Someone who still has not been to Ukraine is President Joe Biden — that fact grows more and more concerning by the week.

A number of American political leaders from both parties have visited either Ukraine or the impacted region, namely Poland, in recent weeks.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi led a delegation of Democrats to Ukraine over the Easter recess. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has visited Poland since the start of the conflict, as has Vice President Kamala Harris.

On their way back from Ukraine, the delegation of Senate Republicans also stopped in Stockholm, where McConnell was asked about his thoughts on Sweden and Finland officially applying to join NATO.

According to Reuters “McConnell voiced strong support for both countries joining the 30-member Western military alliance created to deter Soviet aggression.”

“They have very capable militaries, both of them,” McConnell said. “They will be important additions to NATO if they choose to join, and I think the United States ought to be first in line to ratify the treaty for both these countries to join.”

Read more about the unprecedented move that would end Sweden’s long-standing record of neutrality here:

Ukraine Aid Package Challenged in Procedural Vote. A Final Vote is Set for Wednesday.

Eleven Republicans voted against the Senate’s Ukraine aid package during a procedural “cloture” vote. The cloture vote was to limit the time that the chamber has to debate the legislation to 30 hours, which sets up a final vote for the legislation on Wednesday.

Here are the senators who voted against the package:

(Tenn.), (Ark.), (Ind.), Mike Crapo (Idaho), (Tenn.), (Mo.), Mike Lee (Utah), Cynthia Lummis (Wyo.), (Kan.), Rand Paul (Ky.) and (Ala.).

McConnell’s fellow senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul, voted against the package last week as well when he was the only member of the chamber to do so.

House Votes Planned to Address Baby Formula Shortage

The U.S. House of Representatives plans to vote this week on addressing the baby formula shortage crisis plaguing families across the country.

Per the Republican Cloakroom, members have been told to anticipate a vote on “Legislation to Grant Emergency Authority to the WIC Program to Address Supply Chain Disruptions and Recalls Related to Baby Formula” although no specific bills are on the vote schedule.

In a Dear Colleague letter released on Friday, Nancy Pelosi said members of her caucus are working to schedule floor votes on the matter as well.

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