Criminal Case Against Kyle Rittenhouse Implodes

Criminal Case Against Kyle Rittenhouse Implodes

took the stand today in the most high-profile moment of his trial so far. Rittenhouse, 18, withstood a barrage of questions from lead prosecutor Thomas Binger about his firearms knowledge and experience with AR-15s.

Things became particularly contentious when Binger tried to introduce evidence that Judge Bruce Schroeder already said he was inclined to dismiss as inadmissible.

After asking Rittenhouse if he was using deadly force to protect property, Judge Schroeder ordered the jury out of the courtroom. As soon as the they left, Schroeder torn into Binger. Visibly angry, the judge went so far as to accuse the prosecution of attempting to provoke a mistrial with its line of questioning.


At one point Rittenhouse began sobbing so hard that Schroeder ordered a recess.

“I didn’t do anything wrong. I defended myself,” Rittenhouse pleaded. If convicted, he faces the possibility of life in prison.

Today’s twists follow yesterday’s drama where Rittenhouse’s defense attorneys got the prosecution’s star witness dead to rights.

Gaige Grosskreutz chased after and threatened Rittenhouse on the fateful night of August 25, 2020. After portraying himself as a victim, Grosskreutz admitted that Rittenhouse only shot him after he pointed a gun at the teenager’s head.

Even The New York Times conceded afterward that Grosskreutz’s testimony made Rittenhouse’s actions sound an awful lot like self-defense.


While the prosecution hoped Grosskreutz would assist their case, and the mainstream media promoted their narrative, Grosskreutz’s testimony only strengthened Rittenhouse’s self-defense claims.

Fortunately, conservatives were there to set the record straight in the court of public opinion:

Americans for Limited Government President Richard Manning issued the following statement in reaction to today’s developments:

“There can be no other conclusion than not guilty by reason of self-defense in the case of Kyle Rittenhouse, the then-17-year old who defended himself against the attack of rioters in Kenosha, WI who now stands trial on murder charges.

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“Testimony by the prosecution’s star witness, Gaige Grosskreutz, demonstrates under oath that Rittenhouse was chased by the assailant and only fired at him when the assailant’s handgun was pointed at him. This testimony exonerates Rittenhouse from charges he killed two people. The fact that the prosecution continued with the case with the knowledge of this witness’s sworn testimony, which any honest prosecutor had to have heard before the witness took the stand, makes it clear that Rittenhouse has been prosecuted for political purposes rather than legal ones. Judge Bruce Schroeder should immediately declare a summary judgement of not guilty. There is no reason to continue to put the people of Kenosha and the state of through the emotional tension associated with this trial as the evidence clearly shows that Rittenhouse acted to save his own life.

“The prosecution’s star witness makes is crystal clear that if Rittenhouse did not act in self defense, there is no ability for anyone to defend themselves from a violent, and potentially deadly attack. It is time to free Rittenhouse. At this point continuing the trial would be an extreme misuse of the system.

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“The only question that remains is who in the prosecutor’s office gets fired for bringing this case forward given the clear evidence that a not guilty verdict was the only possible outcome.”

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