Cruz and Senate Colleagues to Introduce Resolution to Curb Biden’s Anti-Gun Agenda

Cruz and Senate Colleagues to Introduce Resolution to Curb Biden’s Anti-Gun Agenda

Last week the Biden White House announced the introduction of a new rule aimed at combating “ghost guns” or firearms without a reference number. The new rule would expand the definition of “firearm” to include pre-fabricated and non-assembled kits available for sale.

Naturally, Republican leaders in Congress are looking to fight back against the administration’s actions.

The office of Texas Senator  announced late last week plans backed by several Senate Republicans to stop the efforts of the Biden administration “from implementing a new rule to expand firearm definitions.”

In the press release provided by his office, Cruz said:

“For the past two years, we’ve seen crime rates skyrocket all across the country, aided by Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies and left-wing district attorneys operating like progressive activists instead of law enforcement officers. Democrats would love nothing more than to shift the blame and stoke anti-gun sentiment and create a permanent national gun registry in the process. By introducing this resolution, we’re pushing back—we want to stop the Biden administration from issuing the final rule expanding the definition of firearms and instituting a national gun registry, we want to stop the false narrative that links the rise in crime to ‘ghost guns,’ and firearms, and we want to protect law-abiding citizens who are exercising their rights.”

Utah Senator , another co-sponsor of the resolution, said:

“Congress was explicit in the Firearm Owners’ Protection Act that federal gun registries are prohibited. Nevertheless, the Biden Administration and the ATF are determined to restrict Second Amendment rights. The Biden Administration is willing to exceed legal authority, deliberately misinterpret the law, and ignore explicit prohibitions to enact its radical anti-gun agenda.”

Cruz and Lee are also two of the eleven Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. They will have a chance to foil Biden’s gun control agenda further when Steven Dettelbach — his announced nominee to head the ATF — is brought before the committee in the coming weeks.

Other Republicans partnering with Cruz to introduce the resolution are Senator of Oklahoma and Senator of Indiana.

Both chambers are currently in the second week of Easter recess, but hopefully, this resolution will pass the Senate sooner rather than later.

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