DUI Video of Star Witness in Rittenhouse Case Emerges

DUI Video of Star Witness in Rittenhouse Case Emerges
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John Sexton, over at Hot Air, came across this video after stumbling into an internet wormhole while researching the Rittenhouse trial.

The two-and-a-half hour long video starts with Kenosha police pulling over Gaige Grosskreutz. If that name rings any bells, it’s probably because Grosskreutz was the sole survivor of the Kyle Rittenhouse shootings. (RELATED: Criminal Case Against Kyle Rittenhouse Implodes)

A Controversial History

A police body camera shows the officers’ interaction with Grosskreutz begins early in the morning of Oct. 6, 2020. A cruiser pulled Grosskreutz over after he failed to use his turn signal. Grosskreutz and a friend, who you’ll also remember if you watched the trial closely, soon began acting strangely.

While not displaying signs of violence, Grosskreutz refused to comply with the officers’ most basic demands. Eventually, Grosskreutz agreed to exit the vehicle but when an officer noticed the smell of alcohol on his breath, he clammed up and insisted that he’d only speak to his attorney.

Undeterred, police struck up a conversation with Grosskreutz’s passenger, friend and then-roommate, Jacob Marshall.

Marshall testified for the prosecution at the Rittenhouse trial, too. That morning, Marshall told police that while Grosskreutz hadn’t been very forthcoming, he had been deeply affected from being in the “national news recently.” That day’s interaction with Kenosha P.D. came six weeks after Rittenhouse shot him.

Unsurprisingly, Marshall’s rapport with the officers evaporates as soon as they ask how much Grosskreutz had to drink that night.

After straining for the right words, Marshall clumsily told police he wasn’t sure if they had anything to drink at all that night.

But if That Was a Lie…

Sexton explains the significance of Marshall’s attempt to shield his friend:

It’s pretty clear if you watch the clip that the officer is convinced Jacob Marshall is lying about the drinking to protect his friend Gaige Grosskreutz. He’s lying even though there’s pretty compelling evidence that Grosskreutz has been drinking. In fact, a blood draw would eventually find he was nearly three times over the legal limit. Put simply, Grosskreutz was blotto drunk that night but Jacob Marshall is lying to the officer’s face and saying they weren’t drinking to protect his friend.

Why is that significant? Because Marshall met with Grosskreutz in the hospital the morning after the shooting. He posted a photo of the two of them on social media along with some comments saying Grosskreutz’ one regret was that he hadn’t emptied his gun into Kyle Rittenhouse when he had the chance. But when questioned about that on the stand, Marshall claimed he’d made it all up.

Yet Charges Were Dismissed

Officers finally arrested Grosskreutz after he refused to take a field sobriety test. Over the next couple of hours he attempted to intimidate officers and hound them for their names and badge numbers. While it might seem amusing, Grosskreutz clearly loathes law enforcement.

Authorities charged Grosskreutz with a DUI that day. The incident would’ve added to the 28-year-old’s lengthy rap sheet, but the jury currently deciding Kyle Rittenhouse’s fate learned none of this.

A mere six days before taking the stand in the Kenosha District Attorney Office’s most high-profile case yet, Grosskreutz stood before a different judge regarding his pending DUI. Despite the evidence, the judge dismissed the charge against him on a technicality. drivers aren’t required to use their turn signals if no other vehicles are on the road.

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Grosskreutz’s prior offenses include felony burglary, carrying a firearm while intoxicated, trespassing and domestic abuse.

The Daily Mail adds:

Had Grosskreutz’s latest DUI charge not been dismissed in such a timely manner Rittenhouse’s defense would have been allowed to question him under oath about the fact that he was on bond and the nature of his offense.

The information would have severely damaged Grosskreutz’s credibility and eroded the wholesome image of a law-abiding citizen offered up by the prosecution.

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