Elite Schools Pushing Far-Left Racial Grievance Politics

Elite Schools Pushing Far-Left Racial Grievance Politics

The Hockaday School, an elite, private all-girls school in Dallas, , is defending leftist political violence and encouraging white people to “re-educate” themselves to engage in racial accountability. Their website lists a number of books, articles documents and other forms of mass media defending, justifying or condoning instances of political violence, and encourage, among other things, looting as “one of the most righteous anti-white supremacist tactics.”

Here’s a revealing excerpt from In Defense of Looting, a 2014 article from The New Inquiry that’s recommended reading at the Hockaday School.

(Looting) is extremely dangerous to the rich (and most white people) because it reveals, with an immediacy that has to be moralized away, that the idea of private property is just that: an idea, a tenuous and contingent structure of consent…When rioters take territory and loot, they are revealing precisely how, in a space without cops, property relations can be destroyed and things can be had for free,”

Besides providing resources that defend looting and encouraging political violence to young and impressionable students, teachers at the Hockaday School have participated in a variety of conferences and professional development trainings that instruct teachers on how to implement the tenets of in the classroom. Students even had to attend a social justice assembly where they charted out their identities, as The Federalist reported at length.

The Hockaday School is affiliated with the far-left (NAIS), which sets the administrative standards for more than 1,900 schools nationwide and seeks to disseminate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) practices and expand their influence as far as possible.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on NAIS, showcasing the consequences of their growing agenda:

The goal is to remake society into a collective, stripped of individualism and rife with reparations… No longer are private schools focused primarily on teaching critical thinking, fostering intellectual curiosity, and rewarding independent thought. Their new mission is to train a vanguard of activists to lead the charge in tearing down the foundations of society, reminiscent of Maoist China’s Red Guards.

The danger that NAIS presents seems to be proliferating, and schools like Hockaday are only the first step in their insidious expansion.

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