Fauci: ‘Too Soon to Tell’ if Americans Can Celebrate Christmas With Family

Fauci: ‘Too Soon to Tell’ if Americans Can Celebrate Christmas With Family

At what point does cautiousness become hypochondriasis?

In an interview on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Dr. said it’s “too soon” to tell if people can celebrate Christmas with friends and family.


The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases’ director certainly knows that few people will heed his advice this holiday season. Does he realize his message hurts the righteous cause of increasing the vaccination rate?

We have had vaccines for ten months in the United States, fully vaccinating 185.1 million American citizens. The jab mitigates the risk of developing a severe case of COVID and lets us live our lives in a free society—even if we’re not free of COVID.

Per Hot Air:

Americans have spent the past month crowding into stadiums to watch football by the tens of thousands with no apparent ill effect. Cases have declined in the southeast over that period, in fact. That being so, how receptive do you think they’ll be to the message that it’s not safe to carve the turkey with grandma and grandpa even after each has had a booster?

Fauci seemed mystified when Hugh Hewitt asked him recently if he thought he was doing more harm than good as the White House’s lead COVID messenger. The clip above demonstrates why he shouldn’t have been.

Here’s what he should have said when he was asked about Christmas: “We all understand by now that there’s a risk of infection when people gather indoors for long periods, even if they’re vaccinated. But if you’ve had your shots, and particularly if you’ve had a booster, the odds that you’ll end up with a case that sends you to the hospital are very low. That wasn’t true a year ago, especially for senior citizens.” Why didn’t he say it?

Seriously, is Fauci following a de facto “zero COVID” strategy? Watch this:

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