Four States Move Closer to Constitutional Carry

Four States Move Closer to Constitutional Carry

As of yesterday afternoon, is one step closer to being added to the list of states that have .

The House version of a bill to allow constitutional carry passed through its committee yesterday. House Bill 1358 passed the Georgia House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee and is headed next to a vote in front of the full House body. (RELATED: Governor Responds After Constitutional Carry Fight Rocks Swing State)

Senate Bill 319 passed the Georgia State Senate earlier this week, on a 34-22 vote.

Governor Brian Kemp also pledged his support for the bill yesterday, saying “the Constitution should be our carry permit, and I look forward to signing a Constitutional Carry measure this year to enshrine hardworking Georgians’ ability to protect themselves and their families in Georgia law.” (RELATED: Ukraine Handing Out Guns to Fight Russians as Capital Kyiv Encircled)

Twenty-one states currently have constitutional carry, and outside of Georgia other states that made similar moves this week to pass constitutional carry of firearms include , and .

In Alabama, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 6-4 in favor of House Bill 272, their constitutional carry bill. The bill is set to face a floor vote on Thursday.

The House Government Oversight Committee in the State of Ohio voted in favor of Senate Bill 215 by a vote of 8-5. On Wednesday, the bill cleared the Ohio House and Senate. Next, it will proceed to Republican Governor Mike DeWine’s desk.

Nebraska’s unicameral legislature has yet to bring their constitutional carry bill, LB 773 to a vote before their full body, as it has not yet made it out of the Judiciary Committee. This bill is still gaining momentum and has added three co-sponsors this week.

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