Governor Responds After Constitutional Carry Fight Rocks Swing State

Governor Responds After Constitutional Carry Fight Rocks Swing State

Embattled Governor (R) has started the new year off with a bang.

Last week, Kemp announced his plan to introduce a bill that would allow Georgians to carry firearms in public without a permit. (RELATED: State Assault Weapons Ban Faces Supreme Court Showdown)


Some of the plan’s details still need to straightened out. Former Georgia Congressman and U.S. Attorney, Bob Barr was with Kemp last Wednesday when he announced his constitutional carry push. Barr explained that “[Kemp] did not indicate the precise language for the proposal he’d be backing. As there are or will be different versions and the legislative session has just begun.”

Even now, Kemp’s proposal is a big leap forward for gun rights. Naturally, Democrats were outraged.

Savannah’s WJCL has more on the political fallout:

Courtney Spriggs, a former law enforcement officer and volunteer leader with the Georgia chapter of Moms Demand Action said, “Permitless carry would put law enforcement officers like my husband in even more danger, but apparently, Governor Kemp and would rather risk Georgian lives on political games than support law enforcement.”

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In a one on one interview with WJCL, Gov. Kemp responded to these concerns. He said, “To me, this is a public safety issue. We’ve seen violent crime on the rise across the country. We’ve certainly seen that in our Capitol City in Atlanta. We’ve also seen a lot of inaction by a lot of local elected officials to tackle this issue as well as prosecutors across the state. People are expecting action and all this is doing is helping law abiding citizens defend themselves, their families and their businesses. The bad guys, they’re already going to get . They already have them. We’re trying to make sure its easy for Georgians to exercise their constitutional rights to carry a weapon and to protect and defend themselves.”

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As for the issue of endangering law enforcement, Kemp said there were many law enforcement officers present when he expressed support for this legislation.

Stacey Abrams’ team also weighed in on Kemp’s proposal:

“The same guy who pointed a gun at a teenager on TV now panders with reckless proposals threatening Georgia lives. As her opponents run to dangerous extremes and fight desperately to salvage their political careers, Stacey Abrams is fighting for Georgians and their safety,” said Abrams Campaign Manager Lauren Groh-Wargo.

As that statement hints at, Kemp is in the middle of a heavyweight primary fight with former U.S. Sen. David Perdue. Perdue entered the governor’s race last month at Donald Trump’s behest. (RELATED: Pollster Says Former President Leads Biden in the 5 Most Important Swing States)

Kemp lost Trump’s confidence following the 2020 presidential election for failing to, in Trump’s view, aggressively pursue his baseless claims of widespread voter fraud.

Despite being on Trump’s bad side, Barr predicts that “Kemp will do well against Perdue.”

When asked about Kemp’s chances, Barr said “Perdue appears clearly to be running because Trump told him to, and this will be (in fact already is) reflected in his lackadaisical and rather unfocused campaign.”

Regardless of the outcome, the winner will almost certainly face Abrams in the general election.

Besides her anti-gun views, Abrams’ has expressed support for at least limited COVID vaccine mandates for workers serving vulnerable populations.

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Both Kemp and Perdue have committed to fighting Biden’s vaccine mandates.

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