Hill Happenings: SCOTUS Special

Hill Happenings: SCOTUS Special

The House is out this week, so all eyes were on the Senate as the first of four days of nomination hearings to confirm Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court kicked off on Monday.

Here is what Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee – including Josh Hawley, John Kennedy, Ben Sasse, Chuck Grassley, and Marsha Blackburn had to say on the first day of hearings – both in the chamber and on national media.

A number of Senators, including Missouri Senator Josh Hawley – have been leading voices in questioning Judge Jackson’s previous sentencing record, specifically her “leniency” in sentencing child porn offenders.

Other Senators used their airtime to rail against court-packing and to voice their concerns on recent trends of judicial activism.

Josh Hawley, Missouri

John Kennedy, Louisiana 

Ben Sasse, Nebraska

Chuck Grassley, Iowa, Ranking Member

Marsha Blackburn, Tennesee

Thom Tillis, North Carolina

Ted Cruz, Texas

John Cornyn, Texas

Mike Lee, Utah

Tom Cotton, Arkansas

Lindsey Graham, South Carolina

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