How Biden’s Latest Phantom Menace Threatens the Constitution

How Biden’s Latest Phantom Menace Threatens the Constitution

In the words of Warren Zevon, “Lawyers, Guns and Money.” It appears that our government is the prey of lawyers, the nemesis of law-abiding gun owners, and reckless with our money. is rising faster than inflation, and law-abiding gun owners, who simply want to be left alone and protect themselves, are being blamed while cops are being demonized and dying by their own hands faster than Soros-elected prosecutors can convict them. Nonetheless, our hard-earned pay raises of 3.5% are eaten up by 8.5% inflation due to the chronic stupidity of the administration, led by an arrogant, nasty, self-absorbed old man who pretends to be America’s commander-in-chief. 

As I watch America’s president tell us about crime, gun control, gun laws and “ghost guns,” all I can do is cringe. I walk around the house swearing more than I have ever sworn in my life. In fact, I seldom ever said a word out of disdain for anyone, especially our president, because I respect the office. Now every time he comes on television, I bite my tongue, catching myself saying, “____ing idiot.” I fear for our country!

When I listened to the president speak about our country being besieged by “ghost guns,” I thought it’s an odd place to start if you’re trying to reduce crime. Most so-called ghost guns are made by law-abiding citizens at home and used for plinking or kept at home for self-defense. It’s always been legal for Americans to make their own firearms despite what the president or gun control groups would tell you. There is no law against making them. Why didn’t the president start by saying that the U.S. Department of Justice is going to start prosecuting gun crimes using the 20,000 plus gun laws already on the federal ledger? There have been few — if any — federal gun prosecutions in years.

The new White House statement of the day is, “Law enforcement recovered 20,000 suspected ghost guns last year.” Let’s break this absurd statement down. Police departments recover guns every day, and the catchwords here are “suspected.” A gun cannot be suspected of anything. It either is or isn’t, and firearms with serial numbers that have been destroyed or changed are not “ghost guns.” Firearms with obliterated serial numbers are contraband guns and are already illegal to possess. The president used his illogical press conference to circumvent congress and introduce his new nominee to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (), which he called the AFT, and could not pronounce his nominee, ’s name.

Recently, a Rasmussen national telephone survey reported that 81% of those surveyed expect crime to be the biggest issue by the midterm elections. How do we fight violent crime is the question? There is not a simple answer to a very complex question. However, the most logical answer is re-funding the police, untie their hands (let them do their job) and prosecute criminals. Rebuild police departments that have been torn apart by false allegations of systemic racism and destructive policies that have forced thousands of good, knowledgeable police officers to retire. Policies that force police officers to face the dangers of the job with their hands tied behind their back every day are a driving force behind departments forcing out older officers and slowly hiring new, young, unfamiliar men and women officers to develop a new society of cops. Push out the old and cultivate a new, woke, progressive force.

To prevent crime in major cities, as promised by Mayor Adams of New York City, the Street Crimes Unit needs to be reestablished in high crime areas, stop and frisk, and of course, the theory of broken windows, which lowered crime in major cities during the late 80s, 90s and into the aughts need to be reinstituted. However, now that liberal mayors, prosecutors and judges have control of most major U.S. cities, the murder rate, according to FBI Data, increased by 30% in 2020 compared to previous years.

Most Americans are afraid of rising crime, high inflation and the government being too involved in their private lives. Passing more gun control lies very low on their list of priorities — and with good reason. In fact, according to a Reason Magazine review and a 2020 analysis by the RAND Corporation examining the results of 27,900 research publications on the effectiveness of gun control laws, only 123 studies or 0.4% tested the effects rigorously. But even these had serious statistical defects.

Aaron Brown, a statistician for Bloomberg News, was brought in to do an evaluation. Brown said, “Gun control policies based on flawed research have tremendous costs, they turn otherwise law-abiding citizens into criminals.” Brown concluded, Given the uncertainties in the data, it’s next to impossible for any study to prove that a particular gun control measure had any effect whatsoever. The only think we can say confidently is that many of the most widely trumpeted results are likely based on random chance alone.” All the statements that gun laws save live are just inconsequential rhetoric used to stir the masses and to try to relieve you of the one protection you have under our Constitution — your Second Amendment right to keep your firearms!

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