Insider Spreadsheet Tracks Climate Conference COVID Catastrophe!

Insider Spreadsheet Tracks Climate Conference COVID Catastrophe!

Internal spreadsheet spills the deets. The fall meeting of the AGU in New Orleans conjured up a climate-size conference of COVID victims. Here’s what we found.

Right at the outset of their COVID-19 protocols the AGU Fall Meeting (a conference of climate scientists and activists) they note: “Only fully vaccinated people may attend #AGU21 in-person in New Orleans.” The info page goes on to note:

We are actively watching advice on gathering and travel while working with local, national and international advisory groups. If conditions and advice change and warrant a reduced in-person event, or fully online event again, we will inform conveners and the AGU community as soon as possible.

But they went ahead and had it in-person.

Low and behold, one by one the attendees started dropping like flies. And by dropping we mean: slight colds and testing positive for .

Jessica Tierney, an attendee who goes by the handle @leafwax on Twitter was one of the first to admit a positive AB test.

Some of them regret coming in the first place. The hashtag #AGU21 has lived on well passed the ending of the conference as they chime in with positive tests ALL OVER THE PLACE:

One attendee put up an anonymous form asking attendees to detail their particular situation. One user sent us the form results. Here’s the DOIO (Date of Illness Onset) for the 68 registrants at the time of this email:

Curiously, the attendees can’t seem to bring themselves to admit that they probably contracted Covid at the event. Who can blame them? Every one vaxxed. Everyone masked to the hilt. What are the chances?! Occam’s razor however tells us… they probably got it at the event.

It appears that almost everyone attended the December 17th day of the meeting which accounts for the highest grouping of positive counts:

I’ll keep you updated but as far as I know there is not a single hospitalization reported among the group.

Congrats to folks who likely now have natural immunity to COVID-19!

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