Is Putin Deploying Brutal Thermobaric Flame Throwing Rocket Launchers to Ukraine?

Is Putin Deploying Brutal Thermobaric Flame Throwing Rocket Launchers to Ukraine?

As Russian forces remain stalled in several places in amid fierce resistance and their own inadequacies, ‘Vlad the Invader’ Putin appears hell-bent on increasing the brutality of his invasion.

There are now various reports that Russian troops are using thermobaric (fuel-air explosive) weapons which could include the fearsome TOS-1 ‘Blazing Sun’ multiple rocket launcher.

Thermobaric weapons, also known as vacuum bombs, which suck up oxygen at ground level, creating a partial vacuum suffocating those in the blast zone, are also capable of vaporizing human bodies and crushing internal organs.

Reports say that these deadly vehicles, also known as ‘Buratino’ have been seen heading for the Ukrainian border.

ADN previously reported on this Russian weapons system in October 2021 writing that “While some argue that these weapons should be banned by international treaty or law, they currently are not. And the U.S. uses thermobaric fuel air explosive [FAE] bombs and warheads as well. Though not yet as part of [its own] MLRS system.” notes: “ducking for cover won’t help” when the rounds from these monsters detonate. It adds:

Flamethrower rockets from the can light up territory roughly the size of two football fields. This results in fires that can burn and suffocate anyone who stands in its path. The rocket launchers sit on a T-72 tank chassis. There are 24 220mm rockets in 24 tubes. The rockets weigh around 400 pounds with incendiary or thermobaric warheads.

Thermobaric, also called vacuum or fuel-air explosives, means that the TOS-1 rockets release a chemical cloud that inflames the air underneath it and sucks the life out of anyone in the impact zone.

Russian army drones help identify targets for the TOS-1 Buratino. Thankfully it has shorter ranges than other multiple-launch rockets systems – at about 3,500 meters to 6,000 meters depending on the age of the variant. A full salvo can be launched in 12 seconds.

The TOS-1 was first used during the Soviet war in Afghanistan, but was more recently also deployed in Chechnya and the Syrian civil war. It has also appeared with Russian-backed separatist fighters in eastern Ukraine and has been sent to Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan.

As I noted in October 2021, “NATO and the United States should prioritize taking these beasts out with airstrikes or other means at the outset of any conflict. Or risk having its troops fried or suffocated in place.”

The Ukrainians should immediately heed the same advice.

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