It Just Got Personal

It Just Got Personal

Covid hits home

Apologies for the light sends these past few days. The truth is: Covid hit home.

Nope, I didn’t catch the Omicron, family members are healthy… but Covid impacted us in a way that might change the trajectory of our lives for the next few years.

We have a Brady Bunch family Jenny & I. We have 8 kids between us. 3 of them are ours (ages 4, 3, and 4 months). She has two daughters 18 and 13 and I have 3 older kids – the youngest is 18. So 4 kids are usually traipsing about the halls getting ready for school — but all of that changed this week.

Our 13-year-old’s private school sent us a note that she would have to quarantine at home for the rest of 2021. Why? Because someone in the school musical had tested positive for Covid. Because our daughter is unvaccinated she had no recourse – she would miss the rest of school in December including the Christmas concert. She was devastated.

Of course, her friends who are vaccinated can go about their merry way and back to school.

Of course, the student who contracted Covid was FULLY VACCINATED himself.

Of course, test-to-stay was not an option per policy because the students weren’t masked at the play practice.

Of course, no one is sick.


I was livid — and I still am. This is a private school here in San Diego and the only high school to remain open the entire 2020-21 school season. Jenny has sent her daughters there for 12+ years and so it’s devastating because we will have to part ways from them. Their mission lacks courage and is not aligned with our values.

Why is it that I have to FIGHT with the school to keep my daughter in classes!?

On TOP of that drama the state licensing board is coming down hard on our kids’ pre-school. The director of this pre-school (which has been operating for 38 years!) is determined to fight to keep masks off of our kids. She knows the learning detriment they cause. (Try teaching a 4-year-old how to pronounce the letter “H” through a mask!).

The licensing folks made a surprise visit to the school. In a proud-papa moment apparently they asked aloud to the kids why so many of them weren’t wearing a mask. My 4-year-old replied: “Because my dad filled out a form and I don’t have to and he doesn’t believe in them!”

Well, that didn’t go down well with those folks and they are currently threatening to shut down the school.

I’ve been working with the school to raise funds and find lawyers to fight this. In the end, we are out of time. The kids must have a legit medical note attached to their file to avoid masking.

When we went to the pediatrician to ask for it and got this reply:

Why do I have to fight with my pediatrician to stop people from masking my toddlers!

I have 3 generations here in , Jenny’s California roots go back to the 1800s.

We have to leave.

Where should we go?

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