J.D. Vance Asks Fellow Republicans to ‘Separate Your Emotions From Policy’ on Ukraine

J.D. Vance Asks Fellow Republicans to ‘Separate Your Emotions From Policy’ on Ukraine

During a recent Ohio Senate Republican primary debate, venture capitalist and bestselling author became the sole GOP candidate to oppose a NATO in . He argued that enforcing a no-fly zone would undoubtedly draw the United States into Europe’s largest conflict since World War II.

By comparison, his opponents all supported some form of increased pressure to combat the Russian invasion. Former State Treasurer Josh Mandel and businessman and investor Mike Gibbons took similar stances, arguing that a “European-led no-fly zone” wouldn’t draw the U.S. and NATO into direct conflict with . Mandel argued he would support Europeans creating a no-fly zone, adding, “I do not think we should be putting Americans in the air.”

Gibbons made similar remarks, saying of the heroic Ukrainian resistance, “We need to arm them to the teeth… [But] I don’t want to see American soldiers/boots on the ground in Ukraine.” When pressed about the specifics of a no-fly zone, Gibbons emphasized that American pilots couldn’t enforce it.

Vance was criticized for his stance and asked to apologize over the false claim that he “doesn’t care” about what happens in Ukraine.

“I never said I don’t care about the people of Ukraine, I said the matter of what happens to Ukraine is not in our vital national interest,” Vance said in response to Dolan. “Statesmanship is to separate your emotions as a personal matter from what we should do as public policy.”

Former Ohio GOP Chair Jane Timken also supported the idea of a no-fly zone with European planes instead of American ones and condemned Russian President “as a mother.” While nearly everyone else at the debate supported these actions, Vance stood firm in his opposition, passionately arguing they would increase NATO’s presence in the conflict.

No matter whose position you support, it’s clear that this will remain a hot topic inside the Republican Party as the primary continues!

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