Laura Ingraham Drops 2024 Bombshell

Laura Ingraham Drops 2024 Bombshell

host revealed for the first time that she might not vote for if he runs for president in 2024.

Ingraham has long supported Trump’s “America First” policies. However, she admitted to a Virginia magazine over the weekend she wasn’t “there for him yet” this time around.

The article in Northern Virginia Magazine has a provocative title. “Laura Ingraham Might Not Vote For Trump If He Runs–But She’s Not Going To Stop Talking To His Base.”

Ingraham’s admission contrasts with the strong support she expressed for then-candidate Trump.

During the 2016 presidential election, Ingraham became one of the first conservative commentators to join the Trump train. Even at Fox, she was an outlier. Other hosts famously feuded with Trump.

As Mediaite reports:

“I’m not saying I’m there for him yet,” Ingraham told the magazine about supporting Trump in 2024.

“But I think whether he runs or not-I mean, his policies worked,” she added. “Trump’s blueprint for policy-a forward-looking, optimistic set of pro-America policies-that blueprint, without a doubt, is winning.”

While Trump was only mentioned briefly in the interview about Ingraham’s career and rise to be the most-watched female host on cable news, her comments were notable. Ingraham was a Trump White House insider, often advising the president, has been a staunch defender of Trump on Fox News, and has tapped into the Republican base with her controversial style and willingness to always engage in the culture war.

Ingraham credited her three older brothers for making her a natural competitor and someone who’s unafraid to call it like she sees it.

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