Liberty Rising Brief: Looming Dark Clouds From Russia and China

Liberty Rising Brief: Looming Dark Clouds From Russia and China

“Liberty has never come from the government. Liberty has always come from the subjects of it. The history of liberty is a history of resistance.” – Woodrow Wilson


Today, we’re assessing the refugee crisis created by the Russia-Ukraine War and the long-term consequences. Within two weeks since Putin’s invasion, three million Ukrainians have been displaced, with over half fleeing to neighboring Poland. While the European Union has allotted 500 million euros for aid to Ukraine, the Economist Intelligence Unit suggests,

An inflow of 5 million migrants could cost the EU $55 billion in 2022 alone.

Furthermore, Polish authorities and humanitarian organizations are already overwhelmed with the influx. “The [Polish] government will not be able to cope with the crisis without extensive assistance from the EU. This includes both financial assistance and resettlements of refugees,” said Alessandro Cugnasca, country risk service manager at the EIU.

Refugees are also fleeing to Slovakia and the Czech Republic, where facilities have reached capacity.

Meanwhile, China was hit was the largest Covid-19 surge since the height of the pandemic. This wave, caused by the Omicron variant, is suspected to cause economic damage. Illustrated by at least half a percent decrease in its gross domestic product (GDP) for this quarter.

According to analysts, the most infected areas cover 16.7% of national GDP production.

As reported by CNBC,

So far, the analysts’ research and checks with local factories reveal limited impact on the production of chips, autos, apparel and beer, among other industries. The Android smartphone supply chain could be among the harder-hit, the report said. But, like other industries, production could be shifted to other locations.

The surge may suggest similar increases in cases are in store for the US.

Meanwhile, American lawmakers just passed a bill to eliminate mask mandates from public transport and planes. The only Republican to vote against the matter was Mitt Romney. However, the legislation, led by Rand Paul, passed the Senate and next to the House of Representatives.

Senator Paul has led political efforts against Covid-19 policies, and the man behind many of them: Dr. Fauci. He also recently led a bill to eliminate Fauci’s position as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

On a similar note, Pfizer recently submitted a request for authorization for their fourth vaccine dose. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is suspected to approve the vaccine for people 65 and under before the fall, just in time for the Biden Administration to launch a fall campaign.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson’s recent take on Covid-19 complacency and the Biden Administration’s role suggests it was all a propaganda campaign. The controversial commentator wrote,

Well, recently we learned the answer because we watched it. Masks were a training exercise. Mandatory masking was a shock collar designed to teach Americans unquestioning obedience and, of course, it worked because shock collars do work. In a single day last month we watched, for example, our entire professional class dutifully changed their Twitter avatars from mask up to the now mandatory Ukrainian flag.  

As America enters the two-year anniversary of the pandemic and its imminent restrictions and policies, Carlson believes the president is using the Russia-Ukraine War as a cover-up.

Last Laugh:

Also in Washington, the President recently fumbled while making an address regarding women’s history month. In his latest gaffe, the president referred to Kamala Harris as the First Lady.

President Biden did catch his mistake when pointed out to him live. “Pardon me?” he said, as laughter erupted as Biden realized his mistake, saying, “That’s right. She’s fine. It’s me … The second lady — the first gentleman — how about that?”

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