Liberty Rising Brief: Passing Blame for Ukraine War

Liberty Rising Brief: Passing Blame for Ukraine War

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” ― Theodore Roosevelt


As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine intensifies, the international community is deciding who to blame.

In an interview, China’s assistant foreign minister suggested, “The U.S. has been fueling the flame, fanning up the flame, how do they want to put out the fire?”

As an ally of Russia, the comment comes as no surprise, despite its inaccuracy.

The assistant minister did not regard the attacks as an invasion and said this is not the situation China hoped for. She then called for a return to “dialogue and negotiation.”

In America, liberals are blaming none other than the Republican party for the actions of Russia. MSNBC’s Joy Reid said, “They prefer autocracy. They want a White nationalist autocracy in the United States. They believe that white Christians are beleaguered and need to rule the United States without elections.”

For some Republicans, Reid is right. In a follow-up Tweet, Reid countered backlash by sharing a clip of a Republican candidate praising Putin for his traditionalism and “protecting his people.”

Meanwhile, the White House is hosting a climate denial event, organized by the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP).

The roundtable will include climate scientists, social scientists, economists, and engineers to discuss environmentalism and the threat of climate change deniers.

Continuing to look ahead, President Biden is expected to announce his Supreme Court nomination as soon as the end of this week or early next.

According to administration insiders, the president has finalized his decision after interviewing several candidates fitting his qualifications of being a “black woman.”

The court has a conservative majority of 6-3, leading some Republicans to disregard the President’s opportunity to add to the court.

Also, up ahead is a new set of Covid-19 guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The organization has flip-flopped on its policies since the beginning of the pandemic, leading it to lose credibility.

In tune with the upcoming CDC announcements, the Biden Administration is expected to reduce its federal mask recommendations.

Meanwhile, Bill Gates is suggesting that “If every country does what Australia did, then you wouldn’t be calling [the next outbreak] a pandemic.”

However, Australia is tainted with some of the strictest Covid-19 restrictions and policies, including city travel limits which have stirred violent protests between citizens and police.

Last matter of the morning: Republicans are in full swing for 2022. A new poll suggests the majority of young adults support voting red, even on environmental matters. The survey was conducted by the American Conservation Coalition.

Celebrating Liberty:

Happiest of birthdays to John Foster Dulles, who served as a senator and US Secretary of State under President Eisenhower!