Liberty Rising Brief: Teen TikTok Stars to Take on Putin

Liberty Rising Brief: Teen TikTok Stars to Take on Putin

“To renounce liberty is to renounce being a man, to surrender the rights of humanity and even its duties.” ― Jean-Jacques Rousseau


Welcome to today’s morning brief. Let’s begin with the latest on Russia-Ukraine was and what’s to be expected in the upcoming weeks. Foremost, and most devastating are Russia’s attacks on civilians. Recent attacks include hospitals and a public bus.

The war has ignited a wave of anti-war protestors internationally and internally within Russia. Recently, an employee at a news outlet interrupted a segment on her own network with an anti-war statement claiming the information is propaganda.

While the horrors of war persist, the Biden Administration is taking action into its own hands. In its latest initiative to ease the war, the White House briefed around thirty young TikTok stars on the war and its economic impacts.

As reported by Fox News,

The White House’s TikToker meeting comes as Western leaders are struggling to battle the Kremlin’s messaging during Putin’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, which he claims is a defensive ‘special military operation’ to take out ‘neo-Nazis’ and ‘drug addicts’ who took over the government in Kyiv.

Despite a large amount of evidence that Russian missiles and bombs have decimated civilian targets, including hospitals, Putin claims his troops are only attacking military targets.

The White House’s focus, or lack thereof, paints the perfect illustration of Biden’s disconnect in the past and moving forward. As the war progresses, we’re predicting more uncertainty and volatility.

Another dreadful decision by the Biden Administration will begin to show its face next week. According to recent reports, the confirmation hearing of Kentanji Brown Jackson, Biden’s diversity-hire Supreme Court nominee will begin next week.

According to Politico,

In interviews over the past week, Republicans on the Judiciary Committee said they planned to prepare for her forthcoming confirmation hearings in separate, distinct ways.

To the extent any specific flashpoint has emerged, they’re interested in her representation of Guantanamo Bay detainees during her time as a public defender, as well as briefs she filed while in private practice for groups that opposed the George W. Bush administration’s detention policies.

If you would like to learn more about Jackson ahead of her confirmation hearings, here is the president’s introduction video.

Although the court’s conservative majority appears to be unshaken, the confirmation of Kentanji Jackson is still suspected to cause social tension, and potentially demonstrations similar to the incidents around Justice Kavanaugh and Barrett’s hearings. 

One Last Thing:

Former President Donald Trump has been connected to a Russian oligarch who illegally donated to his campaign. According to CNBC,

The oligarch, Andrey Muraviev, already was publicly known to have been the source of political donations made on his behalf by Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, former associates of Trump’s ex-lawyer Rudy Giuliani, for the purposes of obtaining licenses for retail cannabis and marijuana businesses.

The former president is continuing to face litigation over a year after he left the White House. Upcoming lawsuits to keep your eye on are the January 6 investigation and charges against his private company.

That’s it for today. Thank you for reading!

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