Liberty Rising Brief: Weekend Recap

Liberty Rising Brief: Weekend Recap

The upward course of a nation’s history is due in the long run to the soundness of heart of its average men and women.– Queen Elizabeth II


Here is the most important news you missed this weekend. Foremost, the Sackler family made litigation advancements this weekend with a proposed increase to their settlement. Find the details of the settlement here

After two decades and half a million deaths, the Sackler family and its international company Purdue Pharma are under intense scrutiny. The pharmaceutical company produces OxyContin and is being investigated for its intense marketing schemes. In 2020, the CDC reported 93,331 overdose deaths. Over 60% involved opioids. 

In brighter news, advocates are not backing down and continue to demand the greatest restitution for victims of the crisis. 

Across the ocean, a close companion of Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his Paris jail cell. ALN reported here on the suspicious death.

The modeling agent, Jean-Luc Brunel is said to have provided “thousands of girls” to Epstein. As a central figure in the international trafficking ring, his death is devastating for victims and investigators. 

Queen Elizabeth II tested positive for Covid-19. She is experiencing mild symptoms and is expected to remain in care at Windsor Castle. Click here for the full royal update.

Remaining in high spirits, she congratulated British athletes in the Olympic Games later that day.

Weekend advancements between Russia and Ukraine included increased shelling and negotiations between French President Emmanuel Macron and Putin. Stay tuned for exclusive coverage by national security insider Paul Crespo. 

Celebrating Liberty

Happy President’s Day from American Liberty News! Americans began celebrating George Washington’s birthday mere months after his passing. In 1879, the day became the fifth federal holiday. 

Thank you for reading the Liberty Rising Weekend Recap. Happy Monday!