List of Lists: A Ready Guide to Fight the COVID Crazies

List of Lists: A Ready Guide to Fight the COVID Crazies

Our colleague @RobberBaron compiled a list of lists — those invaluable resources you can use to fight COVID policies at the drop of a hat. Topics include: impact of lockdowns, masking kids, the threat that kids exerts (none), Long COVID, natural immunity vs. vaccinations.

  • The ultimate Covid lockdown list from our RG friend The Brumby is a good start:

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  • Next is our own Rational Ground compilation of lockdown blowback. Everything from the impact on Malaria to the impact on cancer. Every nasty “other side of the coin” study you can think of.
  • Next, our own compiled article describing the detriments of masking kids and saddling them with lockdowns and quarantines:

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  • Robber Baron has another excellent Twitter thread on the true risk that children exert in this pandemic. Spoiler: they’re not a threat in any significant way:
  • Next, the list of articles demonstrating that LONG COVID is really nothing more than what you experience with any respiratory pathogen. Our own @HechOfALiberal notes what the truth is:

Keep these at the ready for quick responses and fight back against the forces which would keep you locked up and masked.

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