Lloyd Austin Contradicts Biden on Russia and Ukraine

Lloyd Austin Contradicts Biden on Russia and Ukraine

Defense Secretary said on Friday that, when it comes to possibly invading , “conflict is not inevitable” — a sentiment which seems to break from President , who has predicted that Russia will likely invade Ukraine.

During a press conference at the Pentagon, Austin remarked that NATO, which the United States is part of, is “unified in opposition to Russia’s attempts to undermine those core values and threaten peace and security in Europe.” (RELATED: Generals Testimony Contradicts Biden’s Claims on Afghanistan)

“First, conflict is not inevitable. There is still time and space for diplomacy,” said Austin. “The United States, in lockstep with our allies and partners, has offered Russia a path away from crisis and toward greater security. And the Department of Defense will continue to support those diplomatic efforts.”

The “not inevitable” quote seemingly stands in contrast to Biden saying during a press conference at the White House last week that Russian President Vladimir Putin will invade Ukraine. (RELATED: Biden Tells Ukrainians They Are Going to Lose; Hopes They Kill a Ton of Russians Before They Do)

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