Mass Formation Psychosis Leads to Further Attacks On Dr. Robert Malone

Mass Formation Psychosis Leads to Further Attacks On Dr. Robert Malone

You may have seen it already: the leftist media complex attempting to silence any mention of “” – and actively taking down or modifying information on Dr. Malone.

– a virologist and immunologist who pioneered the use of for developing vaccines was recently removed from Twitter for bringing attention to potential issues with the Pfizer COVID vaccine.

He then had an appearance on ’s podcast – and his interview was subsequently censored by YouTube. Even Jordan Peterson took note:

So why all the fuss?

Who Is Dr. Malone?

Dr. Malone is a giant in his field. He invented the use of mRNA for developing vaccines, and of his peer reviewed published papers, he has been cited almost 13,000 times since 1993. Until recently, Dr Malone was considered a leader in the field of immunology.

His paper on making vaccines “on demand” published in 2013 for the U.S. Government – was all about how to be ready to combat bioterrorism or “novel pathogens” such as avian flu or coronavirus. This demonstrates that he was already very involved in matters related to defending American’s from deadly pathogens, long before the recent pandemic.

That is, until he dared question the trillion dollar efforts to mandate barely understood vaccinations on every human. Vaccinations produced by only a few companies.

From his appearance on Joe Rogan, he said some things that all by themselves would trigger the leftist mob:

Pfizer is one of the most criminal pharmaceutical organizations in the world, based on their past legal history and fines. What do those fines include? Bribing physicians. It is a cost-benefit analysis in the pharmaceutical industry about misbehavior. They are not grounded in the ethical principles that you and I, average people, believe it. They don’t live in that world. They are about profit, return on investment.”

That it is now considered “far-right” and “racist” to call out corruption and self-dealing between industry and government is absolutely nuts – it’s the same stuff certain sub-sets of crunchy hippies and anti-establishment liberals would say – so why the change?

We’ll get to that…

After Dr. Malone was silenced on social media – as well as a spate of curious changes to the search ranking on various articles and information about Dr. Malone, he went on the most popular podcast in the world: The Joe Rogan Experience.

Many things were up for discussion (as is the norm on Rogan’s show) during the appearance, and despite the recent campaign to muddy Dr. Malone’s name – any rational person can listen to him and determine that the man has valid concerns about very serious issues. He does not come off as a wingnut, and is obviously credible.

But that isn’t what has the left riled up now…

From his interview:

When you have a society that has become Decoupled from each other and has free floating anxiety and a sense that things don’t make sense.”

Their tension get’s focused by a leader or series of events – on one small point, just like hypnosis – they literally become hypnotized and can be led anywhere

Anyone who questions that narrative, is to be immediately attacked”

The leftist information machine quickly went into overdrive.

Videos and information were taken down by YouTube, Twitter and Facebook – then some of the information was allowed to return. Inexplicably.

So what is this Mass Formation Psychosis all about?

I had read about this – mostly as it pertains to Mob Mentality and Mass Hysteria, but I wanted to see what the current thinking is, and this is some of what I found from Heidi Wetzler:

Recently, I ran across the concept of mass formation, explained by Mattias Desmet, professor of clinical psychology at Ghent University in Belgium. He explains the societal conditions under which a population ends up willingly sacrificing their freedom. 

There are four basic conditions which need to be met in order for a society to be vulnerable to mass hypnosis. The first of which is a lack of societal bonding. It is easily argued that members of Western society struggled with loneliness long before the pandemic, and then with the ongoing lockdowns, isolation, and general fear of one another, this lack of community has continued to a dangerous degree.  

The second condition is met when the majority of people view their lives as being without purpose or meaning. A recent poll of young people in the UK revealed that 89 percent of those aged 16-29, “believe that their lives have no meaning or purpose.” Desmet also cites studies showing that half of all adults believe that their jobs are completely meaningless and are basically “sleepwalking” through their day.  

Free floating anxiety is the third condition for the rise of mass formation. A quick count of the number of anxiety/depression medications prescribed each year, confirms that there is no arguing the crushing levels of anxiety prevalent in our communities. 

And the fourth condition is high levels of frustration and aggression, with no discernible cause. If you spend any time driving or on social media these days, you will experience the open hostility present in the world today. 

You read that right. What’s even more interesting is that quite a lot of research has been done on the phenomenon – but it is increasingly difficult to find online. Indeed, these techniques at mass manipulation were used by Germany, and are used by other totalitarian regimes. Furthermore, destruction of community and the social fabric are prerequisites pushed by socialists to prepare society to be remade. Sound like a great “reset”?

So, are we all now to be branded as fringe-right racists if we also dare question why dynamics and practices used by German fascist socialists circa 1935 – are now being used by modern media and political systems? Indeed, to dare question…

I guess it fits with the psychosis.