(Non-Russia War) PDB – Space Force Preps to Fight China and Biden’s Empty New Indo-Pacific Strategy

(Non-Russia War) PDB – Space Force Preps to Fight China and Biden’s Empty New Indo-Pacific Strategy

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UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES – Ukraine conflict will have a significant impact on Asia. Look for the crisis to consolidate alignment among ’s democracies. In the midst of the Ukraine crisis created by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of his neighbor and deployment of Russian “peacekeepers” in the Donbas region, there are ripple effects reaching far into the Pacific.

The Eurasian Nightmare: Chinese-Russian Convergence and the Future of American Order. The day after Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, Beijing refused to condemn Russia’s incursion, instead accusing the United States and its NATO allies of “fanning the flames.” The greatest strategic problem the United States faces is the convergence of its two main rivals, and Russia. And as Moscow and Beijing contest the balance of power at both ends of Eurasia, they are drawing together in ominous ways.

WHERE’S THE BEEF? Biden’s new Indo-Pacific Strategy is too shallow. Blinken’s tour across the region was timed to coincide with a release of the ’s new Indo-Pacific Strategy of the United States. While the new strategy does make some helpful refinements to the original Indo-Pacific strategy written by the Trump administration, it nevertheless falls well short when it comes to developing a coherent logic for where, how and why the U.S. might resort to the use of force in this vast region.


As Russia attacks Ukraine, Taiwanese wonder what China will do. The Russian attack on Ukraine has put a spotlight on another place that could face an invasion by its larger neighbor, as some analysts draw quick comparisons to China’s threats to assert its control over self-ruled Taiwan.


Russian navy masses 16 warships near Syria. Two Russian guided-missile cruisers from Russia’s North and Pacific fleets met off the coast of Syria as part of a 16-ship Russian Navy formation, according to satellite photos taken on Thursday.

Ukraine asks for S Korea cybersecurity aid amid Russia invasion. The top Ukraine official in South Korea said on Friday that his country wants to request Seoul’s assistance in boosting its cybersecurity capability to defend against Russian attacks.

NO KIDDING! – German army chief says service ‘stands bare’ from neglect as its forces are placed on deployment alert. The highest-ranking officer in the German army on Thursday publicly lamented years of fiscal neglect and the army’s deteriorating readiness, as the U.S. and NATO allies mobilize in response to Russian aggression in Ukraine.


AND? Troops slam Operation Lone Star in leaked survey. When asked in January what they liked about their deployment to the Texas-Mexico border, members of the Texas Air National Guard had few nice things to say.


‘Ethnic cleansing’: Ethiopian allies accused of Abala massacre. Survivors and witnesses say the Ethiopian allied forces went door to door for five days straight, targeting Tigrayans.


Could drones join the Air Force’s fighter fleet? | Actionable Intelligence. The Air Force wants to pair fighters and other aircraft with drones that could do everything from perform reconnaissance to fire missiles. Could it work? Reporter Stephen Losey looks at the future of warfare in the air.

FIGHTING CHINA IN SPACE – 2024 Space Force budget to show ‘large pivot’ to ‘China fight.’ Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall is pushing a “large pivot” in the fiscal 2024 budget to prepare for the “China fight,” including for Space Force, says Lt. Gen. Michael Guetlein, head of Space Force’s acquisition command.


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