PBD – Chinese Hypersonic Program Work Beats US Effort Tenfold

PBD – Chinese Hypersonic Program Work Beats US Effort Tenfold

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Daily ‘RUSSIA WAR BRIEF’ on the Ukraine Invasion Provided SEPARATELY



Biden promises more aid for Ukraine, more punishment for Russia in State of the Union address. During the State of the Union address, President Joe Biden again promised that U.S. troops will not be drawn into the fighting overseas.

SYMBOLS VS ACTIONS – Lawmakers wear blue and yellow to support Ukraine at State of the Union speech. While the address is typically an opportunity for presidents to lay out their priorities for the country, this year’s speech was also heavily focused on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the U.S.-led response.

No changes to US nuclear posture after Russian threat. In the wake of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent nuclear orders to his forces, the top military officer responsible for America’s nuclear arsenal said the U.S. has not made any moves of its own.


China’s efforts of hypersonics ‘tenfold’ what US has done. China’s efforts to develop and field has been “tenfold” that of the U.S.’s own push, but the Pentagon will likely increase funding for testing, development, and threat warning in that area in the forthcoming 2023 budget, the commander of U.S. Northern Command told Congress on March 1.

Destroyer Ralph Johnson steams through Taiwan Strait; China calls it ‘provocative.’ The guided-missile destroyer Ralph Johnson conducted a routine transit through the Taiwan Strait Saturday — a move the Chinese government labeled “provocative.”


Putin’s war on Ukraine is drawing battle lines within Russia. On one side: an outward-looking urban middle class who vacation in Europe and while away spend time scrolling through Western apps on their iPhones and send their children to universities abroad. On the other: Putin loyalists, many less-educated Russians or older people raised on Soviet propaganda.

Sweden to send medical supplies and equipment to Ukraine. Sweden will send medical supplies and equipment to Ukraine, responding to a EU request for aid, Sweden’s minister of health said on Wednesday.


LOL – Bitter experience with US explains Iran’s push for sustainable nuclear deal – top official. “Bitter experience with the U.S. breach of promises and European inaction have made it inevitable to meet the requirements for a reliable, balanced and sustainable agreement,” Ali Shamkhani was quoted as saying at a meeting between Iranian lawmakers and the Supreme National Security Council.


Colombia says at least 23 FARC guerillas killed in operation. At least 23 guerillas (not ‘dissidents’) of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of (FARC) rebel group were killed during an operation by the Colombian armed forces along the Venezuelan border, the defense ministry said.


Budget roadblock delaying Pentagon satellite program to track hypersonic missiles. The Space Development Agency’s plans to develop a first set of operational missile warning/tracking satellites to keep tabs on both ballistic and hypersonic missiles remain in limbo due to the continued fiscal 2022 spending stalemate on Capitol Hill, says SDA Director Derek Tournear.

US DRONE SWARMS COMING – US Army to demo offensive drone swarms in next Project Convergence. The U.S. Army is preparing to demonstrate an offensive drone swarm capability at its next Project Convergence experimentation effort this fall, according to the service’s Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office.


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