PDB – Lawmakers Angry at Biden Nixing Polish MiG-29s for Ukraine

PDB – Lawmakers Angry at Biden Nixing Polish MiG-29s for Ukraine

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BIPARTISAN ANGER AT BIDEN REJECTION OF POLISH MIG-29s TO UKRAINE –Frustrated lawmakers blast Biden’s stalled transfer of European aircraft to Ukraine. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle grilled Biden administration officials Thursday over the Pentagon’s rejection of ’s surprise plan to give the United States its MiG-29 fighter jets for use by Ukraine to repel Russia’s mightier forces.

Why the US won’t give Patriot interceptors to Ukraine. The Pentagon is still hunting “alternative options” to bolster Ukraine’s air defenses against Russia’s brutal strikes.

COUNTERPOINT – Bigger budgets won’t solve the Pentagon’s problems — and could make them worse. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has lawmakers and former defense officials of both parties calling for higher defense budgets to address Moscow’s escalating aggression and ’s continued threat to U.S. allies.


REMINDER TO CHINA – Japan commissioned the first of its new submarine class. has commissioned the first of a new class of diesel-electric submarines, bringing the planned expansion of its submarine fleet to 22 boats when it enters service.


Russia ramps up attacks in bid to seize key port city. Fresh assault on Mariupol follows deadly hospital strike; U.S. calls for war-crimes probe as truce talks falter.

As Ukraine-Russia talks falter, battles intensify in Kyiv suburbs. Ukrainian authorities said evacuation routes from seven cities had been agreed on with the Russian side, but it was unclear whether fighting had actually halted in those so-called humanitarian corridors.

What we know — and don’t know — about how many people have been killed in the Russian invasion of Ukraine. As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine enters its third week, military and civilian casualties are mounting — but no one, not even the United Nations or the Ukrainian government, can provide an accurate count of how many people have been injured or killed.

Despite problems during the Ukraine invasion, do not underestimate Russia’s subs: Del Toro. The early, poor performance of Russia’s ground forces stunned many, but Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro advised caution in assuming Russia’s navy, especially its subs, were not formidable.


North Korea testing new ICBMs, US says, warns more coming. North Korea has claimed the March 4 and Feb. 26 launches were merely to test cameras to be installed on a future spy satellite.

VERY GOOD – South Korea, US bond to tighten following recent election, says US commander. The top commander in Korea saw encouraging signs for the U.S. alliance with the election of conservative candidate Yoon Suk-yeol as the nation’s president in the most hotly contested race in Seoul’s history as a democracy.

FINALLY, WHAT TRUMP ASKED FOR – South Korea’s president-elect promises military buildup. ’s president-elect, Yoon Suk Yeol, said Thursday he would solidify an alliance with the United States, build up a powerful military and sternly cope with North Korean provocations, hours after he won the country’s hard-fought election to become its next leader.


BUT ALSO MAKING CHINESE MILITARY DRONES – Saudi industry to produce THAAD air defense subsystems. In the first program of its kind in , a local organization is teaming with American firm Lockheed Martin to produce parts for the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system.


UNACCEPTABLE – FIX THIS! Scathing reports find military failures in 2020 Kenya attack. U.S. officials say military investigations have found that poor leadership, inadequate training and a “culture of complacency” among U.S. forces undermined efforts to fend off a 2020 attack by militants in Kenya that killed three Americans.

FLOATING ICE AIRBASE – Navy stands up runway, encampment on massive Arctic ice sheet. The runway and encampment were set up to support Ice Exercise 2022.

DEFENDING FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON – Raymond foresees cislunar space as ‘key terrain,’ Guardians going to space. The Space Force’s farthest satellites fly some 22,000 miles above Earth, with Guardians operating firmly on the ground. But Space Force needs to go much farther.


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