PDB – Massive Wave of Illegal Migrants Heading to US

PDB – Massive Wave of Illegal Migrants Heading to US

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AS IT SHOULD BE – BUT STILL NOT ENOUGH – Russia, first in the headlines, is Pentagon’s No. 2 challenge. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is dominating the news, but the ’s new defense strategy makes clear is still the Pentagon’s top focus.


NEED MO MONEY, JOE – Biden’s Inflation sparks new fight over Biden’s military budget request. Spiking inflations’ potential effect on the Pentagon has emerged as a line of attack for Republicans who argue President Joe Biden’s defense budget was already treading water when it was introduced Monday.


THE COMING BIDEN SURGE – Number of migrants crossing dangerous Darien Gap soars: UNHCR. The number of people crossing Panama’s Darien Gap, the notorious and lawless route taken by migrants and refugees trying to head north to the United States, has almost tripled compared with the same period last year, according to the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR).


HOPEFULLY – Ukraine war will make China more cautious on Taiwan, advisers say. Russia’s poor performance in its Ukraine war will make China more cautious about attacking Taiwan as Beijing is watching the conflict to learn military lessons, Taiwan’s government on Wednesday cited a meeting of senior advisers as saying.

BUT WHY? China hosts Russia, US officials for talks on Afghanistan. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday in the eastern Chinese province of Anhui, where China was set to host two days of meetings on Afghanistan, state broadcaster CGTN reported.


US forces flex muscles with Ukraine’s neighbors. The Army’s 2nd Cavalry Regiment hit the range with a Romanian mechanized unit in the shadow of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. Making a visible show of force with joint training neighboring countries is part of the United States’ response to the invasion.

400 Marines deploy in Eastern Europe as part of US response to Ukraine war. Three Marine Corps aviation units have joined more than 10,000 U.S. troops mobilized to Eastern Europe and Germany in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Ukraine’s Zelenskiy skeptical about Russian pullback near Kyiv. Ukraine and its Western allies on Wednesday dismissed a Russian military pullback from near Kyiv as a ploy to refit troops after heavy losses, even as invading forces bombard cities elsewhere and press on with the obliteration of besieged Mariupol.

CONFIRMED – BUT NO BIG EFFECT- Russia has fired ‘multiple’ hypersonic missiles into Ukraine, US general confirms. The stunt, likely meant to intimidate Ukraine and allies, has not had the effect Moscow intended.

Ukraine warns negotiators not to eat or drink at peace talks amid poison concern. Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich — who is also attending the peace talks in Istanbul — fell ill after meetings in early March, as did members of Ukraine’s delegation.


FAKE TEST – S Korea says N Korea staged ‘largest ICBM’ fakery to recover from failed test. South Korea’s military has said North Korea’s largest missile test yet used an older, smaller intercontinental ballistic missile, and not the massive new Hwasong-17 ICBM, in part to try to head off negative domestic reaction to a failed launch.


NORTH POLE A CRITICAL DOMAIN – New strategy sharpens UK military focus on the Arctic. Britain is urging the NATO alliance to be more proactive in the Arctic region, where Moscow is raising its game militarily.


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