PDB – Prepare for Russian Cyber Attacks, Florida National Guard Troops in Ukraine and US Army’s ‘Useless Garbage’

PDB – Prepare for Russian Cyber Attacks, Florida National Guard Troops in Ukraine and US Army’s ‘Useless Garbage’

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China Threat

Japanese pilots are responding more frequently to airspace challenges from China. China’s military is stepping up its airborne challenges to Japanese airspace, according to recent data from Japan’s Ministry of Defense.

Russia Threat – Ukraine

Russia not yet ready for full-scale attack says Ukraine. Exclusive: There are now more than 109,000 Russian troops near Ukraine’s border, according to an assessment shared by Ukraine.

Biden says Russian invasion in February a ‘distinct possibility.’ The White House says President Joe Biden warned Ukraine’s president Thursday that there is a “distinct possibility” Russia could take military action against Ukraine in February.

We don’t want wars’: Russia sends less hawkish message on Ukraine. Russia on Friday sent its strongest signal so far that it is willing to engage with U.S. security proposals and reiterated that it does not want war over Ukraine.

Russian warships practice artillery firing in Black Sea. Russian warships have been rehearsing shooting at airborne and sea targets during exercises in the Black Sea to the south of Ukraine, the Russian Ministry of Defense said early on Friday.

There are already a small number of US troops in Ukraine. They’re from the Florida National Guard. They number fewer than 200 and aren’t there to fend off Russian troops — they’re training and advising Ukraine’s military.

Russia Threat

Brace for Russian cyber-attacks as Ukraine crisis deepens, Britain says. Britain warned big business on Friday to bolster defenses against possible Russian cyber-attacks as Western fears deepened that President Vladimir Putin would order his troops to annex another part of Ukraine.

Russia and Cuba will keep developing technical military cooperation -RIA. Russia and Cuba will continue developing their cooperation in the technical military sphere, the RIA news agency cited Moscow’s ambassador in Havana as saying on Friday.

Iran Threat

Five dead, 30 hurt in Iran-backed Houthi missile strike on Yemen’s state media site. At least five people were killed and 34 injured in what Yemeni-government media said was a Houthi missile strike on Marib city on Wednesday night, state news agency SABA said on Friday.

North Korea

Flurry of missile tests displays N Korea’s increasingly diverse arsenal. This January has been one of the busiest months ever for North Korea’s missile testing, with launches displaying a dizzying array of weapon types, launch locations, and increasing sophistication.

International Security

Kenya beefs up security after warnings of possible attacks. Police in Kenya say they have beefed up security after several European countries warned of the risk of possible attacks and urged their nationals to avoid public places.

Biden’s Afghan Disaster

WHAT TOOK BIDEN SO LONG? Afghan evacuation flights to resume with streamlined process. Flights from Afghanistan to Qatar are set to resume while the immigration process for Afghans is being trimmed from years to months.

AMERICANS DOING WHAT BIDEN ISN’T – Despite everything, Americans are stepping up to help Afghan refugees. There are hundreds, probably thousands, of Americans helping such refugees — inviting them in, feeding them, helping them orient, driving them, doing what they can.

Military and Space

The Army’s new infantry assault buggy is a useless piece of garbage. The Army’s new lightweight infantry assault buggy is cramped as hell, too small to haul supplies, and “not operationally effective for employment in combat and [engagement, security cooperation and deterrence] missions against a near-peer threat,” according to a new assessment from the Pentagon’s chief weapons tester.


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