PDB – Putin’s Ukrainian Insurgency Concern and GOP Backs Canadian ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protests

PDB – Putin’s Ukrainian Insurgency Concern and GOP Backs Canadian ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protests

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National Security

Leaked video shows harrowing F-35 crash aboard carrier Carl Vinson. Naval officials confirmed “that there has been an unauthorized release of video footage from flight deck cameras” aboard Vinson.

China Threat

Both sides of Taiwan Strait are closely watching Ukraine’s crisis. Taiwan knows what it’s like to have an overbearing neighbor. China wonders how forcefully Western powers might react to a Russian invasion.

Russia Threat –

Ukraine’s Zelensky’s message is don’t panic. That’s making the West antsy. Biden says he is on the same page as Zelensky. But that doesn’t always come across in Zelensky’s public statements.

Senior separatist urges Russia to send 30,000 troops to east Ukraine. An influential separatist commander in eastern Ukraine has urged Russia to send 30,000 soldiers to reinforce rebel forces fighting in the breakaway Donetsk region and to operate new weapons systems he hopes Russia will supply. 

If Russia takes Ukraine, insurgency could be Putin’s nightmare. If Russia invades Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin will face an immediate and difficult choice: how far to go.

Biden: It ‘would be wise’ for Americans to leave Ukraine. The State Department has already authorized nonessential employees to leave and has called on all family members of diplomats in Ukraine to do so.

Russia Threat

Low-flying threats challenge NATO’s deterrence in the East. With a contested boundary standing between the air and ground, NATO ground forces cannot count on fighting under a protective aerial umbrella or effective close air support.

US think tank identifies North Korea base likely intended for ICBMs. A Washington think tank says it has identified a military base close to North Korea’s border with China that is likely intended for stationing of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

International Security

Canadian officials caution against ‘foreign interference’ as US Republicans back ‘Freedom Convoy’ protests. Senior Canadian officials hit back Monday at high-profile U.S. Republicans who have voiced support for the self-described “Freedom Convoy,” as the group continued to block traffic in downtown Ottawa in protest of vaccine rules for cross-border truckers. 

ISIS is regrouping and expanding despite the death of its leader in US raid, experts say. The celebrated its killing of the leader of ISIS this week, but there are signs the terror network is regrouping, expanding far outside of its Middle East stronghold – and potentially poised to strike American targets anywhere in the world.

Biden Afgan Disaster

Afghan resettlement exceeded $620 million at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst. Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, located in New Jersey, is one of two bases that remain open to process the final 7,000 Afghan evacuees.

Military and Space

Army vessels could be transferred to Marines to counter China. The Marine Corps said it desperately needs a new type of vessel called Light Amphibious Warships that can rapidly conduct beach landings in the Western Pacific to deliver troops and missile-firing vehicles.

Despite force redesign, the Marine Corps says it still needs its big amphibious warships. In fact, it needs over 30. The U.S. Marine Corps is in the midst of a major force redesign aimed at making it more relevant to the rising military challenge posed by China in the Pacific.


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