PDB – Russian Air Force Increasing Attacks Despite Our Missiles

PDB – Russian Air Force Increasing Attacks Despite Our Missiles

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BIDEN CAN’T LEAD BY FEAR OF PUTIN – US should not be deterred by Putin, should send aircraft to Ukraine, former NATO commander says. Missteps by the West emboldened Russian leader ahead of his latest Ukraine invasion, but the United States can still give Ukraine the weapons it needs to overcome Russian airpower, according to the participants in a Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies virtual discussion March 22.


RUSSIAN CYBER THREAT – Biden: Russia mulling cyberattacks on US. President Joe Biden and national security officials warned that Russia may be ramping toward cyberattacks on U.S. critical infrastructure as the war in Ukraine continues.


CHINA’S STEALTH JETS A THREAT? US Air Force general ‘impressed’ with Chinese J-20 stealth fighter. When placed in a more complete context, Wilsbach’s comments are by no means unusual, as senior Air Force and Pentagon officials involved in modernization efforts often discuss the technological capabilities of Chinese systems. This by no means indicates that the Chinese J-20 aircraft actually outperforms or rivals the F-35.


NOT BIG DEAL – EVEN IF TRUE? Russia’s alleged use of first hypersonic missile in combat downplayed by US military and allies. Russia’s defense ministry claimed its military used hypersonic missiles against an underground ammunition warehouse as well as a fuel depot during the country’s fighting in Ukraine last weekend, reportedly marking the first-ever use of the new type of weapon in combat.

NEED MORE SAMS AND MiG-29s – Russian air force action increases despite flood of antiaircraft missiles into Ukraine. The expansion comes after Ukraine shot down numerous aircraft early in the war and despite the United States and its allies sending thousands of man portable air defense systems, or MANPADS, and other surface-to-air-missile (SAM) systems, to Ukraine.

Russia’s combat forces have shrunk, Pentagon says. The Pentagon has assessed that Russia’s “combat power” in Ukraine has dipped below 90 percent of its original force for the first time.

ANONYMOUS? Russian news site claims it was ‘hacked’ after revealing 9,800 troops died in Ukraine. That number includes at least five generals.

PUTIN AT RISK? As Russia stalls in Ukraine, dissent brews over Putin’s leadership. Military losses have mounted, progress has slowed, and a blame game has begun among some Russian supporters of the war.


THANKS TO TRUMP – Egypt, UAE, Israel leaders meet for first ever three-way summit. Leaders of Egypt, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates have met for a three-way summit, the first of its kind since the UAE normalized relations with Israel, with the aftermath of the invasion of Ukraine, as well as the Iran nuclear deal, on the agenda.


TRUE OR FALSE? Sudan’s foreign ministry denies presence of Russian Wagner Group. Sudan’s foreign ministry on Tuesday denied the presence of Russian private military contractor in the country, in response to a statement by Western diplomats.

Russia’s mercenaries don’t want to control Africa. They want to loot it. U.S. policymakers should focus less on what the mercs are doing on the continent than what the United States could do.

HELPFUL OR NOT? Pakistan’s Khan urges Islamic nations to mediate in Ukraine war. Pakistan’s prime minister has urged foreign ministers from Muslim-majority nations to help end Russia’s war in Ukraine, appealing also to China’s top diplomat to join the effort.


US Navy considers alternatives to unmanned boats with missiles. The U.S. Navy is nearly done assessing whether to put missile tubes on an unmanned surface vessel, comparing the idea to other options for getting missile launchers out to sea.


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