PDB – Russian Forces Have a Key Advantage and Traitors Wait for the Right Time to Strike

PDB – Russian Forces Have a Key Advantage and Traitors Wait for the Right Time to Strike

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Homeland Security

The fight isn’t over whether America will be a democracy, but what kind of democracy. I and others often say that the partisan conflict in the United States puts our democracy at risk. And it’s true. But that framing implies that the core conflict is about democracy — as if we have one side that supports fair elections while the other prefers dictatorship.

National Security

Russia’s military, natural gas make Japan cautious about US-led sanctions. The U.S. campaign for a broad alliance to deter Russia is facing headwinds in Japan, which relies on Russian energy imports and wants to keep talks alive with Moscow over disputed islands.


Noble Fusion combines Marine, Navy and Japanese forces for island campaign exercise. Two Navy MH-60S Seahawks buzzed this expeditionary mobile base on Saturday afternoon as it steamed alongside the USS Green Bay and USS Ashland off Okinawa’s coast.

Beijing Winter Olympics becomes microcosm of world’s rivalries and mistrust. Held under a cloud of suspicion and mistrust, the Games reflect, and in some cases exacerbate, the widening divisions between China and the United States and its allies on the global stage, while doing little to improve China’s reputation.

With Blinken in Pacific, Marshall Islands says talks on US military access ‘stalled.’  Even as America’s top diplomat visits the Pacific region seeking to counter China’s growing power and influence, the Washington ambassador of the tiny Marshall Islands said talks aimed at renewing agreements covering access for the U.S. military have stalled.

Russia Threat –

3 more Russian Navy amphibs enter the Black Sea. Three more Russian Navy amphibious warships have entered the Black Sea following a trio that entered the region on Tuesday, Istanbul-based ship spotters told USNI News.

US military prepares plans to help evacuating Americans once they cross into Poland should Russia attack Ukraine. The Biden administration on Wednesday readied plans for U.S. military forces to help evacuate Americans once they cross into Poland should Russia attack Ukraine, preparations that came one day ahead of a major Russian military exercise on Ukraine’s border that some officials fear could provide cover for an invasion.

82nd Airborne could welcome American evacuees in case of Ukraine invasion. The U.S. military could house Americans fleeing Ukraine.

Russia Threat

New deal will let US forces use two Slovakian air bases for a decade. The deal was signed by U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Slovakia’s defense minister, Jaroslav Nad, on Feb. 3 in Washington.

Strykers and soldiers from Army’s 2nd Cavalry Regiment mount up for open-ended Romania deployment. Strykers and combat support vehicles lined up at the Army airfield Wednesday as about 1,000 American troops prepared to head to Romania for an open-ended deployment meant to reassure allies worried about Russia’s military buildup around Ukraine.

Everything wrong with the Russian military’s ‘special tactical exercise’ propaganda video. Early on Tuesday, the Russian Ministry of Defense posted a video, and an associated press release, to their official social media that featured a clip of alleged Russian “special forces” troops training in Georgia, apparently practicing Military Operations in Urban Terrain, known more commonly as “MOUT.”

New N Korea nuclear, ICBM testing would trigger instant crisis, S Korea’s Moon says. A resumption of North Korea’s nuclear weapon or long-range missile tests would “instantly” send the peninsula back into crisis, outgoing South Korean President Moon Jae-in said this week, calling for measures to prevent that from happening.

Military and Space

Federal and military users can now track potential terrorist activities with an app. Need a “onestop shop for counterterroism analysis”? There’s an app for that, and it’s called aCTknowledge.


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