PDB – Taiwan Doubles Missiles to Face China

PDB – Taiwan Doubles Missiles to Face China

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PRUDENT OR COWARDLY? Pentagon postpones nuclear missile test launch amid Ukraine crisis. The Pentagon announced that it is postponing a nuclear missile test launch scheduled for this week to avoid any possible misunderstanding in light of Russian President ’s recent decision to put his nuclear forces on higher alert.

WE NEED LASERS – Winning 21st century wars requires directed-energy (DE) capabilities. Delays in creating and fully funding DE programs risks the U.S. military falling behind in another critical technology, leaving it without a game-changing means to defeat attacks that prevent them from generating decisive combat power in the Indo-Pacific region and Europe.


MORE MISSILES – Taiwan to more than double annual missile production capacity amid China tension. plans to more than double its yearly missile production capacity to close to 500 this year, the island’s defense ministry said in a report, as it boosts its combat power amid what it sees as China’s growing military threat.

MESSAGE TO BEIJING – STRENGTH IN UNITY – In Ukraine sanctions effort, some Indo-Pacific countries send veiled warning to China. Some key countries in East Asia are joining with the West to take what is for them the exceptional step of imposing significant financial sanctions, officials and analysts say, brought together by outrage at Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and concern over China’s growing aggression in the region.

Behind China’s Rise in the Arctic. Some Arctic states have welcomed Chinese investment and aid, but traditional powers like the United States are suspicious of China’s motives.


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: List of key events from day eight. As the Russia-Ukraine war enters its eighth day, we take a look at the major developments.

END GAME? How might the war in Ukraine end? Five factors will shape the outcome. Russian forces have performed poorly thus far, but Ukraine’s military is expected to eventually crack. What then?

OVERDUE? Congressional support increases for permanent US military bases in the Baltics. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is prompting congressional lawmakers to reconsider the U.S. security structure in the Baltics, where leaders have long sought permanent American military bases in their countries.


SURPRISE, SURPRISE – North Korea says US and its allies are ‘root cause’ of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. North Korea identified “the hegemonic policy” of the United States and its allies as the “root cause” of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to a Monday statement from the communist regime’s Foreign Ministry.


END OF AN ERA? What to make of the French exit from Mali? The February 17 withdrawal was a direct consequence of France’s gradual loss of influence in the Sahel.

BRUTAL DOWN SOUTH – Mexico investigating reports of 17 people shot dead during funeral wake. Mexico is investigating reports that around 17 people were executed in the state of Michoacan, after a gruesome video showed gunmen storming a funeral wake during the weekend and dragging mourners outside to be killed.

Japan, Russia feud on Twitter over Ukraine invasion, WWII-era territorial dispute. Japan and Russia, sparring publicly over Russia’s week-old invasion of Ukraine, have revived a dispute over Pacific territory left over from World War II.


GET SOME – Marine Corps launches new littoral unit that US adversaries [CHINA] reportedly hate. Gen. Eric Smith said he could not give details on how that information was gathered or assessed because it was classified.

STAY FROSTY – US Navy memo warns of cyber risks amid global tensions. The deputy chief of naval operations for information warfare recently warned sailors and other military officials they are marks for hacking attempts, especially at a time of international hostilities.


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