PDB – Ukraine Kills Another Russian General?

PDB – Ukraine Kills Another Russian General?

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NOT NEEDED – National Guard DC activation extended in anticipation of trucker protests. The 400 National Guardsmen activated in the Washington, D.C., area to help respond to protests against COVID-19 mandates will be spending a couple extra days on duty, the Pentagon announced Monday.


China says ‘double standard’ to conflate Taiwan, Ukraine issues. It is a “naked double standard” to seek to conflate the issues of and Ukraine as the island has always been part of China and is entirely a domestic matter, China’s foreign minister said on Monday, drawing an angry response from Taipei. China claims the democratically governed island as its own territory and has over the past two years increased military pressure against Taiwan, having never renounced the use of force to bring it under Beijing’s control.

Australia to build new sub base for nuclear attack boat fleet. The Royal Australian Navy will establish a new submarine base on its east coast to host its planned nuclear-powered submarines and to complement the existing Fleet Base West, Garden Island submarine base, Australian officials said on Monday.


Ukraine says it killed another high-ranking Russian military leader. Vitaliy Gerasimov, a major general of the Russian Army, “was eliminated” near Kharkiv, according to Ukraine’s defense intelligence directorate.

How the US and Europe helped Ukraine prep for insurgency. Since 2018, U.S. and European officials have quietly helped Ukraine implement key portions of a total defense framework that military officials call the “Resistance Operating Concept.”

Russia reportedly sinks former US Coast Guard patrol boat donated to Ukraine. Russian aircraft on Thursday destroyed the Ukrainian patrol boat Sloviansk, a former U.S. Coast Guard Island Class patrol boat that was transferred to the country’s navy in 2019.

The US can turn Europe into Putin’s nightmare. As the world grapples with crafting an effective response to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s illegal and immoral invasion of democratic neighbor Ukraine, three key approaches have emerged.

Russia’s war in Ukraine is about so much more than territory. Sitting across the table from Sergey Lavrov, the long-serving foreign minister of Russia, I listened, open-minded but unpersuaded by his attempts to paint Russia as a victim on the world stage.


DO BETTER  WITH THOSE MIG 29s – White House, DoD lower expectations of Polish warplanes for Ukraine. The White House and Pentagon on Monday downplayed the likelihood of a three-way deal for Poland to give MiG-29 aircraft to Ukraine and for the U.S. to backfill the Polish fleet with American F-16 fighters.

Israel shows the F-35’s first aerial kill in newly declassified video. The incident involved an Iranian flying-wing drone carrying small arms to Hamas fighters over a very long distance.

Ukraine humanitarian crisis grows as Russian advance stalls after 12 days of war. The suffering continues to mount after 12 days of Russia’s war on Ukraine.

Refugees from Ukraine hit 2M; people flee embattled cities. Buses packed with people fleeing the Russian invasion in Ukraine left two embattled cities along safe corridors Tuesday, while officials said the exodus of refugees from the country reached 2 million.


OPERATION FLOATING IGLOO? Navy adds runway and command center to a floating ice chunk for Arctic exercise. The U.S. military has begun a three-week exercise in the Arctic Ocean and has built a temporary camp on a large chunk of floating ice to make it possible.

Niger Syndrome goes mainstream: Afghan Airport attack shows commanders are failing to assess risks. The Niger Syndrome was a fundamental cause for the deaths of four members of Army ODA 3212 and five Nigerien partner soldiers on Oct. 4, 2017, during an ambush near Tongo Tongo, Niger. My youngest son, Bryan, was one of the four.


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