PDB – White House Warns Putin May Use Chemical Weapons

PDB – White House Warns Putin May Use Chemical Weapons

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WAKE UP CALL FOR ANTI-NUKE BIDEN – In the wake of Russia’s invasion, the US must refocus on nuclear deterrence. The United States must demonstrate resolve and recommit to a strengthened nuclear deterrence posture. It is essential for the protection of our homeland and forces, as well as our allies to whom we extend nuclear deterrence. The credibility of our nuclear deterrent rests on the capability of our nuclear forces, and at this moment, we must choose strength over weakness.

MO MONEY – Budget deal would fully fund Defense Department, add $13.6 billion in Ukraine aid. Lawmakers hope to finalize the spending plan within the next week.

SENDING TWEEDLE DEE – Harris lands in an Eastern Europe bloodied by war. Vice President Harris will become the face of the in Europe amid Russia’s war in Ukraine when she engages with leaders in Poland and Romania starting Thursday.


A Chinese takeover of Taiwan would prompt different Pentagon response, top Indo-Pacific official says. The Pentagon’s senior civilian for the Indo-Pacific testified Wednesday that the United States’ response to the Chinese aggressively moving to take over Taiwan would be different from Washington’s reaction to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


White House warns Russia could use chemical weapons in Ukraine. White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Wednesday warned of the potential for Russia to use in Ukraine after Moscow alleged the United States was housing biological weapons in Ukrainian territory.

WAR CRIMES? – Russians ‘were shooting civilians’: Ukraine refugees saw abuses. As more than 2 million refugees from Ukraine begin to scatter throughout Europe and beyond, some are carrying valuable witness evidence to build a case for war crimes.

COUNTERPOINT – Why the US should think twice about arming a Ukrainian insurgency. The U.S. needs to think long and hard before plunging into what would be a long, bloody proxy war against Moscow.


NO DEAL AS DOD WANTS POLAND TO TAKE ALL THE RISKS – Pentagon rejects Poland’s offer to transfer fighter fleet for Ukraine. The Pentagon rejected Poland’s offer to transfer its MiG-29 fighter jets to the U.S., who would have then given them to Ukraine.

DEFENDING POLAND – Construction of Aegis Ashore in Poland nearing completion. The Aegis Ashore system complex in Redzikowo, Poland, from the outside appears complete, Rear Adm. Jon Hill, the U.S. Missile Defense Agency director, said, but there is still working going on to complete the system inside.

Two Army Patriot missile batteries dispatched to Poland. U.S. European Command said the Patriots would “proactively” counter “any potential threat” to U.S. and NATO forces.

STOP ‘MULLING” ALREADY – Britain mulls giving ‘Starstreak’ air-defense weapons to Ukraine. Britain has stepped up its supply of weapons to the Ukrainian military, adding Starstreak anti-air missiles to a list that already includes significant numbers of anti-tank weapons.

WHAT ABOUT NOW? Ukraine helped China’s military, but in wartime, Beijing has chosen Russia. Ukraine supplied critical technology that China couldn’t get elsewhere, including an aircraft carrier, radar equipment and advanced engines.


US ALLIES COZY UP TO CCP/PLA – Chinese and Saudi firms create joint venture to make military drones in the kingdom. Advanced Communications and Electronics Systems Co. signed an agreement with China Electronics Technology Group Corp., with the two companies announcing their tie-up during the World Defense Show in Riyadh, which took place March 6-9.


BIDEN TO GIVE IRAN BILLIONS, AGAIN- Biden Nuclear Deal Would Allow Tehran to Access Up to $131 Billion of Its Foreign Assets. When the Trump administration quit the Iran nuclear deal in May 2018, it forced the SWIFT global financial messaging service to disconnect Iranian banks and imposed sanctions on Iran’s central bank and financial sector. Now, Team Biden is finalizing a deal that would provide the Islamic terror regime with relief from U.S. sanctions in exchange for temporary and limited curbs on Iran’s nuclear program. This will give Tehran immediate access to an estimated $86.1 billion to $130.5 billion in foreign assets that currently are not fully accessible and readily available.


How JADC2 is improving nuclear command and control. The Pentagon’s effort to better connect sensors to shooters and shuttle data across the joint forces is inextricably linked with the high-stakes communication systems needed for nuclear warfare, and rightly so, the head of U.S. Strategic Command told Congress this week.


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