PDB – Will Russia Strike US in Space? And Satellite Images Contradict Putin

PDB – Will Russia Strike US in Space? And Satellite Images Contradict Putin

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National Security

The first shots in a Ukraine conflict may be in space. A potential conflict with might also serve as the first opportunity for the newest service branch, the Space Force, to show the American public how important its role is, according to Todd Harrison, director of the Aerospace Security Project at the nonprofit Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Russia Threat

Russia could target American space firms to blind Ukraine. US government officials, former officials and outside experts are divided on how worried the US government ought to be about attacks aside from GPS jamming. Specifically, there is concern that Russia could directly target US intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) satellites, including commercial remote sensing birds. 

The US has spent billions on equipment and training in Europe to deter Russia. Is it enough? Amid the prospect of Russia invading Ukraine, top experts say the unfolding crisis will test the U.S. military’s ability to seamlessly and rapidly move American troops and heavy armor across the borders of multiple countries and could also magnify potential gaps in both strategy and capability.

Russia sends warplanes to Syria for naval drills in Mediterranean. Russia also has expanded and modified a naval base in the Syrian port of Tartus, the only such facility that Russia has outside the former Soviet Union.

Russia Threat – Ukraine

Biden warns Russia that war on Ukraine would be ‘bloody and destructive.’ President Joe Biden on Tuesday said he believes the Russian public does not want “a bloody and destructive war against Ukraine” and said diplomatic solutions to the standoff in Eastern Europe are still available to Russian leaders.

NATO chief cites continuing Russian threat to Ukraine despite pullback claims. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Wednesday that Russia continues to threaten Ukraine with troops and weapons massed near the country’s borders, as Ukrainians marked a “day of unity” to confront Moscow’s aggression. 

Satellite images and experts challenge Russian withdrawal claims. Photos show attack helicopters, jets, troops moving toward forward positions near Ukraine in the midst of aggressive legislative actions in the Russian assembly.

Russian government hackers have likely penetrated critical Ukrainian computer systems, U.S. says. Russian government hackers have likely broadly penetrated Ukrainian military, energy and other critical computer networks to collect intelligence and position themselves potentially to disrupt those systems should Russia launch a military assault on Ukraine, according to newly declassified U.S. intelligence. 

101st Airborne soldiers head to Europe as US amasses 6,000 troops to deter Russia. Hundreds of 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) soldiers are gearing up to deploy to Europe as Russian troops have amassed on Ukraine’s borders, positioned for a potential invasion. 


2015 nuclear deal has become an “empty shell”, Iran’s top security official says. “The United States and Europe failed to meet their obligations under the JCPOA. The deal has now become an empty shell for Iran in the economic sphere and the lifting of sanctions. There will be no negotiations beyond the nuclear deal with a non-compliant America and a passive Europe,” Shamkhani said.

International Security

It is time for Europe to learn from its mistakes in the Sahel. In addition to diplomatic rifts in North Africa, Albares pointed to “jihadism”, “illicit trafficking of humans, arms and drugs”, and the emergence of new military regimes in the Sahel to explain why he believes NATO should deepen its engagement with the region.

Biden’s Afghan Disaster

HE LIES – Biden should stop passing the buck on the Afghanistan debacle. Biden’s most complete statement on was an Aug. 31 speech in which he accepted “responsibility” for the decision yet insisted, incredibly enough, that the evacuation was an “extraordinary success.” 

Military and Space

WASTED MONEY AND TIME – Military spent $1 million addressing extremism, diversity and climate change last year. The U.S. military spent $1 million and 5.8 million man hours last year on programs meant to root out extremism from the ranks, foster a diverse military and prepare for the national security challenges of climate change, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Mark Milley said in a recent letter to Congress.

How autonomous wingmen will help fighter pilots in the next war. With the U.S. military shifting its focus to winning a war against an advanced adversary, such as China, experts say the manned-unmanned teaming concept would be crucial to the U.S. prevailing.

Only small inventories of hypersonic missiles in USAF’s future, due to cost. The high cost of hypersonic missiles will likely drive the Air Force to build only small inventories of them, relying more heavily on other types of munitions such as lower-speed cruise missiles, Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall said Feb. 15.


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