Report: ‘Surprised’ Biden Unsure of How to Deal With Skyrocketing Inflation

Report: ‘Surprised’ Biden Unsure of How to Deal With Skyrocketing Inflation

Somehow, this isn’t the worst news that the White House received this week. A new poll shows that a whopping two-thirds of voters oppose the administration’s proposal to pay reparations to illegal immigrants.

On top of that, has come back with a vengeance. Despite warnings from experts, the forged ahead with trillions in new spending.

Although Republicans long ago ceded the moral high ground on debts and deficits, there’s no doubt that President Biden has made our financial crisis much worse.

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And a new report by The Washington Post suggests that he doesn’t know how to respond. Besides, of course, promoting his Build Back Better agenda. Unfortunately, that amounts to little more than window dressing with even the most sympathetic audiences:

But in the meantime, inflation presents a growing political problem. Polling suggests voters are anxious over growing costs. Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.) — whose vote, like that of 49 other Senate Democrats, is key to enacting Biden’s social spending bill — cited rising inflation as a reason to pause on some parts of the White House’s agenda.

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His comments signaled a concern that more government spending could exacerbate inflation, alarming some Democrats that he would pull back from supporting the $1.75 trillion social safety net and climate package that is currently pending in Congress.

Senior White House officials were greatly disappointed by Wednesday’s report and surprised at how serious the inflationary problems are throughout the economy, according to people familiar with the matter. The report also fueled mounting concerns about supply chain bottlenecks.

For weeks, administration officials have been scrambling to try and alleviate the economic problems, frequently convening meetings across agencies and searching for solutions. But many administration officials have conceded they have few policy options to bring immediate relief to Americans, and the White House is concerned about ongoing political fallout, especially around the holiday season.

Despite job growth, Biden has had relatively little success on the economic front. Now, the paychecks of millions of workers are in a tug of war with inflation—and they’re losing.

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