Republican Projected to Win Seattle City Attorney Race

Republican Projected to Win Seattle City Attorney Race

Virginia and New Jersey weren’t the only places Democrats underperformed last night.

Progressive activists suffered a high-profile defeat attempting to scrap the Minneapolis Police Department. Meanwhile, local media has declared a Republican candidate the winner in (checks notes) .

Republican is poised to become the city’s top attorney. Washington State has held vote-by-mail elections for some years now. Although candidates have cut Election Day deficits by as much as 12 points as officials count ballots submitted as late as Election Day, Davison’s lead of 17 points appears insurmountable.

Her most formidable opponent was police abolitionist Nicole Thomas-Kennedy. While simultaneously advocating for a world without prisons, Thomas-Kennedy cheered on Antifa via Twitter. In a now-deleted Tweet, she celebrated when an explosive device detonated outside of a police station during Seattle’s Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP), calling the person responsible a “hero.”

An Incriminating Pattern

She also deleted another telling the thinly-stretched Seattle P.D. to “eat some covid laced sh*t & quit ur jobs.”

Even with her half-hearted attempt at moderation, Thomas-Kennedy’s profile still contained some of the most hateful bile spewed at police by a politician.

Law and Order Defeats Anarchy

With a record like that, two former governors—both Democrats—crossed party lines to support Davison. As did 75,000 Seattleites.

As KOMO News reports:

On Election Night, the crowd surrounding Ann Davison erupted in jubilation, as the early results showed Davison leading her opponent Nicole Thomas-Kennedy.

“Heartwarming and humbling the number of votes that have come in,” said Davison.

Davison said there are too many people from every walk of life—who feel unsafe in Seattle with random attacks, drug proliferation, getting their cars broken into, or businesses getting shoplifted.

“There is a way to have a balanced approach that we are providing a way to intervene with someone and to make sure we are centering victims of crime and collectively bringing together what is public safety in our city,” Davison said.

Progressives on the Ropes

Meanwhile, KING 5 Seattle reports that moderate candidates have won three high-profile races in King County after the initial vote count.

Besides Davison, they include inevitable Mayor-elect Bruce Harrell and Sara Nelson for City Council Position 9. Both faced far-left challengers.

As of the latest tally, Harrell leads Lorena González by 31 points.

González supported defunding the police by 50%. Her proposal came amid Seattle losing 250 police officers and experiencing a rise in violent crime. Meanwhile, Harrell opposed defunding the .

Sara Nelson ran against Nikkita Oliver, who also supported slashing the city’s police budget by half.

Do you think last night’s election represented a turning point in America—even in far-left Seattle? As always, tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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