Russia War Brief – Ukraine Counterattacks and Strikes Russian Armored Column Stalled Outside Kyiv

Russia War Brief – Ukraine Counterattacks and Strikes Russian Armored Column Stalled Outside Kyiv

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY – With the ongoing Russian invasion of requiring special daily focus, American Liberty News (ALN) – in collaboration with the Center for American Defense Studies (CADS) is providing our readers the daily  WAR BRIEF:

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Russian troops seize first major city. Kherson falls under Moscow’s control as UN warns of ‘biggest refugee crisis this century’ amid mass exodus.

Ukraine jets hit Russian column; Russia has used thermobarics, Ukraine military says. Startling new claims in Russia’s war on Ukraine by the head of Ukraine’s defense intelligence agency.

Russian armored column stalled for days outside Kyiv. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine entered its second week on Thursday an apparent tactical failure so far, with its main assault force stalled for days on a highway north of Kyiv and other advances halted at the outskirts of cities it is bombing into wastelands.

Lavrov says Russia will continue Ukraine war till ‘the end.’ Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Thursday he believed some foreign leaders were preparing for war against Russia and that Moscow would press on with its military operation in Ukraine until “the end.”


Intense fighting continues in Ukraine. Ukrainian defense officials released a video claiming to show a deadly strike on a Russian military convoy, while fighting rages around the country.

Ukraine is staging counterattacks against Russian troops, Ukrainian official says. Ukraine is able to launch counterattacks against invading Russian forces even as it defends itself, a military adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said on Thursday.

Ukraine’s Zelenskiy says defense lines holding against Russian attacks. Ukraine’s defense lines were holding against the Russian attack, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said in his latest video on Thursday, adding there had been no respite in Moscow’s shelling of Ukraine since midnight.


US Air Force discusses tactics with Ukrainian Air Force as Russian advance stalls. U.S. and NATO intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance assets on NATO’s eastern flank are providing tactical information to the Ukrainian Air Force as new air defense assistance arrives inside Ukraine, though the U.S. is being careful to avoid steps that might be seen as escalatory, a defense official told Air Force Magazine.

New US sanctions target Russia’s multibillion-dollar defense sector. The Biden administration has taken further steps aimed at Russia’s defense industry, announcing sanctions Wednesday that could affect not only Russia, but countries that rely on its military hardware.

Most members of NATO are pouring weapons into Ukraine, risking a wider conflict with Russia. Brussels is proud to be providing military aid, but Moscow may see it as a dangerous intervention.


In one week of war, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine may have veered history in a new direction. In one week of war, life within the boundaries of Ukraine has been upended, but the brutal assault Russian President launched last Thursday has also reverberated around the globe, steering history in a new direction and switching up 75 years of relations among some of the world’s most powerful and wealthy countries.


War crimes investigation launched against Russia as Ukraine civilian deaths rise. The International Criminal Court prosecutor has launched an investigation that could target senior officials believed responsible for war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide amid a rising civilian death toll and widespread destruction of property during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


Riding the ‘evacuation train’: In Kyiv, a scramble to get out as Russians close in. No one can say how long the trains will carry people out of Ukraine’s embattled capital. As explosions rattled the city, thousands headed to the central station.

15,000 are sheltering in Kyiv’s subway. People sleep three or four to a mattress and plastic food bags litter the scene, while mothers search endlessly on their phones for news of the war.

This city became a haven for people fleeing Kharkiv. But for how long? Dnipro is considered safe for now. But Russian soldiers have already advanced on Zaporizhia, about 50 miles south, and could head to Dnipro next.


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