Russia War Brief – US Air Force Won’t Give Tank Killer Jets to Ukraine

Russia War Brief – US Air Force Won’t Give Tank Killer Jets to Ukraine

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY – With the ongoing Russian invasion of requiring special daily focus, American Liberty News (ALN) – in collaboration with the Center for American Defense Studies (CADS) is providing our readers the daily  WAR BRIEF:

This Special Daily Report is separate from PAUL’S DAILY BRIEFING (PDB).

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: List of key events from day nine. We take a look at the major developments in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Fire extinguished at Ukraine nuclear power plant, Europe’s largest. A huge blaze at the site of Europe’s biggest nuclear power station was extinguished on Friday, and officials said the plant in southeastern Ukraine was operating normally after it was seized by Russian forces in fighting that caused global alarm.

Putin ‘overestimated’ Russia’s military in Ukraine, but he’s still a threat, Air Force Secretary says. Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall said Thursday that Russian President overestimated the power of his military forces when deciding to invade Ukraine, as reports of low morale among troops, equipment woes and a lack of airpower emerge from the battlefield.

Putin thought Ukraine would fall quickly. An airport battle proved him wrong. Russia wanted to use Hostomel Airport outside Kyiv to bring troops directly to the capital. A band of Ukrainian soldiers fought to keep the Russians from using the landing strip, forcing them to move soldiers and supplies over land.

Russia’s chaotic and confusing invasion of Ukraine is baffling military analysts. One week into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and military and defense analysts are united on one front: Russia’s invasion has not gone entirely to plan.

Russian troops enter Ukrainian city of Mykolayiv – local authorities. Russian troops have entered the Ukrainian Black Sea port city of Mykolayiv for the first time, regional authorities said on Friday.


Lviv is turning its factories into improvised weapon centers. Scores of residents assembled in Lviv’s picturesque old town square devising imaginative ways to defend their city. Some made camouflage nets for the military while others manufactured hundreds of Molotov cocktails.

Ukraine receives more armed drones amid Russian invasion. Ukraine received a fresh shipment of Turkish-made Bakar Bayraktar TB2 armed drones earlier this week, according to a Facebook post from Ukraine’s defense minister.

How Ukraine is winning the propaganda war. The mythical laundry list accomplishments of the “Ghost of Kyiv,” Europe’s first Ace pilot since World War II, continues to grow as the Russian invasion in Ukraine, which began Feb. 23, rages throughout its cities.

Zelensky says 16,000 foreigners have volunteered to fight for Ukraine against Russian invasion. In an emotional video posted to his Telegram channel, Zelensky referred to the “international legion” of 16,000 foreign volunteers he has sought to “join the defense of Ukraine, Europe and the world.”


Pentagon establishes communication line with Russians amid war in Ukraine. The Pentagon has established a communication line to the Russian Defense Ministry in attempts to reduce the risk of dangerous misunderstandings as Russia wages war on Ukraine, a U.S. defense official said Thursday.

WHY NOT? No, the US Air Force isn’t going to give Ukraine its A-10 Warthogs. Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall said he’s “not aware of any current plan, or even any discussion of a current plan to field or provide A-10s to the Ukrainians.”

Ukraine war sparks call for billions more in Pentagon funding. The U.S. response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is poised to cost billions of dollars, with the Biden administration asking Congress for more Pentagon funding immediately and talk already starting of beefing up next year’s defense budget.


Shunned by Others, Russia Finds Friends in Africa. Africa’s largest arms dealer, Russia has ties to the continent that stretch back to the Cold War and helped Mr. Putin win rare support over the invasion of Ukraine.


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