Russia Warns US to Stop Arming Ukraine

Russia Warns US to Stop Arming Ukraine

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The Navy’s big carrier groups are sitting ducks. Can the top brass admit how much we have spent on fleets that are now obsolete?


Six US lawmakers arrive in Taiwan on unannounced trip. The United States has no formal relations with Chinese-claimed but is its most important international backer and arms supplier.

Document reveals $14 billion backlog of US defense transfers to Taiwan. has obtained a spreadsheet detailing the backlogged equipment, which includes Taiwan’s $8 billion purchase of 66 F-16 fighter jets as well as $620 million to replace expiring components of its Patriot missile system.


BIG LOSS – Russian military’s damaged Black Sea flagship sinks. The Russian Defense Ministry said the ship sank in a storm while being towed to a port.

New Russian strategy does not resolve underlying military issues. Reports indicate that Russian military forces are assembling along the Russia-Ukraine border, preparing for an expanded offensive in eastern Ukraine.

Russia warns US to stop arming Ukraine. The formal diplomatic note came as President Biden approved a dramatic expansion in the scope of weapons being provided to Ukraine.

Finland and Sweden pursue unlinked NATO membership. Finland and Sweden have chosen to pursue separate tracks and speeds to advance their interests in joining NATO.

Republican lawmakers call for reopening US Embassy in Ukraine’s capital. Republican lawmakers are calling for the U.S. to resume its diplomatic presence in Ukraine and reopen its embassy in the capital Kyiv now that Russia’s invading forces have withdrawn from the city’s surrounding areas.

Moldova accuses Russian army of trying to recruit its citizens. Moldova on Thursday accused Russia’s army of trying to recruit Moldovan citizens, days after British military intelligence said that Moscow was trying to replenish its forces in Ukraine by recruiting in the breakaway Transnistria region.


BIG ‘F-U’ TO BIDEN – Iran’s Quds Force vows to continue ‘leading’ militias across region. Brig. Gen. Esmail Ghaani, who heads the elite unit of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, said the Quds Force would back any anti-US and anti-Israel movement in the world. “The US and the Zionists should know that this is our definite path,” he said. Commending the missile-making efforts of Yemen’s Houthi militia, which he described as Tehran’s “new children,” Ghaani said all militias would “undoubtedly” enjoy similar Iranian support.


US Air Force removes stockpile of depleted uranium rounds from South Korea. South Korea recently returned approximately 1.3 million rounds of armor-piercing ammunition made of depleted uranium to the United States, a welcomed departure, according to a South Korean legislator.


GOING BACKWARDS – Le Pen backs NATO-Russia reconciliation and reduced French role in alliance. Marine Le Pen, the French presidential candidate, said France would quit NATO’s integrated military command if she were elected.

US State Dept. approves $1 billion sale to Nigeria, delayed over human rights concerns. The U.S. State Department has cleared the sale of 12 AH-1Z Cobra attack helicopters to Nigeria worth nearly $1 billion, apparently after U.S. lawmakers lifted objections over human rights concerns.


US Navy wants ‘robot ships’ to replace sailors in battle. Experts warn that the autonomous ships, meant to compete with China, could fuel an AI naval arms race and have difficulty replicating a sailor’s workload.

Space Force starts all-Guardian basic training in May. The first all-Guardian, Guardian-led flight of new recruits starts Space Force basic training in May to undertake a space-oriented curriculum that teaches space power and tries to instill a common culture.


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